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  1. Why Mike wanted to have this jam in both MP3 and WAV formats? Did he planned to do something with it?
  2. It seems like the final version has a lot differences and totally different mix than the version I have.
  3. He probably thought about another pack of Mayo loops.
  4. Top of most liked jams right now according to YouTube are One Hundredth Stream Wonderguns Reaper Netscape New Year Freestyle 12.14.20 KarmaKon Release Day Maybe next time Mike can release one of those? If he would allow LPLive.net to pick up one jam and he will release it, which one would you vote for? It doesn't have to be the one from the list above.
  5. If someone has trouble to see a 50MB gif with resolution 6000x6000, here's a jpg of one frame of it in resolution 2000x2000. You can use it as cover.
  6. Just saw on LPLive twitter the info about anniversary of WFTE single. I've noticed that I have an incorrect release date of the two 2-track editions of the single. After searching on iTunes via web archive and checking comments on the actual version of iTunes, I found the correct release dates. Below is the list of all WFTE digital releases with release date. Waiting For The End // {3tr + TC remix, WFTE remix, cat. 054391936554} link - March 20, 2020 Waiting For The End // {4tr + WFTE remix, WFTE video, TC video, cat. 093624959663} link - November 12, 2010 Waiting For The End // {2tr + WFTE remix, cat. 054391981806} link - October 29, 2010 Waiting For The End // {2tr + TC remix, cat. 054391982162} link - October 1, 2010
  7. Added: Sessions@AOL // {5tr, cat. 093624924944} link - Streaming only The Rising Tied // {16tr, cat. 093624924968} link - streaming only Welcome [Clean] // {1tr, cat. 054391966438} link - streaming only Welcome [Explicit] // {1tr, cat. 054391966445} link - streaming only Where'd You Go // {3tr + Big Bad remix, SOB remix, cat. 093624924975} link - streaming only Petrified/Remember The Name // {6tr, cat. 093624924937} link - streaming only https://i.ibb.co/VDTgDm2/new-feature.jpg OK, so the option is now up. Not all Linkin Park releases has it yet. If it's about Side projects MS, DBS + Mall release has it for now. It is possible that I could make a small mistake in 1-2 releases.
  8. Awesome, good job, thumbs up etc. If right now they can fix this even quicker than the FM censored editions then good. But you know, some people are interesting where those versions come from, are those were holded for the final release and then exchanged for the different versions the last minute or what was the reson, that even that version of SOTD was used in the SOTD making of? How you can see to be even able to answer that question, Mike would have to first listen to those. And at least I didn't know that he still don't know about those alternate versions (after that time).
  9. What do you think about the option of downloading the txt file with info about the release? For example there will be a small button at the end of the row and the whole info will look as in the attachment. 093624907916-One_More_Light_Live.txt
  10. After relesing this jam Mike's said: I was the only one who was trying to remind him about it. Thank you the whole twitch chat for the help, this is how much you really wanted for him to release another one
  11. A quick info about two things. First of all, all the ringtones are on the site, with extended info (each has length, release date (unfortunately the year only), etc). Also, some of them come with non-standard cover (like BIO and GU had MTM deluxe version cover, GG has OML cover version with the sticker etc.), so I created a background to each of those ringtones, so basically the background represents of what cover artwork each of the ringone has. You can listen some of those ringtones here: Second of all, if you ever purchased from iTunes any of the stuff listed below and you have Apple Music, you can download them in lossless format. There are more of them, but I just listed the ones that were not obvious to be availabe in lossless. *also, available in Hi-Res Lossless.
  12. You should wait for the music video. It's gonna be on YT later today. If you have apple music, you can watch it right now
  13. Next week. I'm not seeing another one that will have more votes than One Hundredth Stream.
  14. EDIT: Nevermind. Just changed the title of it to "Version 3".
  15. Nope. You can't. To download any file from there, you have to be accepted by the specific label, to be able to do this, you have to have for example a radio station.
  16. You know, I'm not sure if Tom is the only person, people should blame, IMO they should blame mainly LP for how the track sounds. I think Tom might just adjusted for what the band wanted. The band always could say "you know Tom we wanted on this track something more dynamic, aggressive" etc. LP learned me to expect the unexpected, so when I see even the [add your favorite artist here] that they will be working together I'm not hyped too much, I want to be rather surprised in a good way than disappointed because I was too much hyped for the song.
  17. I remember that with Tom Morello was the same, some people were like: "wow, Tom Morello? it's gonna be an awesome song" and later the same people were like: "meh, he's wasting his talent on this track" I wish you guys an awesome track with Eg PS: I like Drawbar.
  18. lol Yes, all you have to do is download multitracks and just remove the Chester's vocals, then you will hear Mike's version. I even talked about that long time ago that even in the One More Light (Steve Aoki Chester Forever Remix), you can hear Mike's vocals too.
  19. added: Linkin Park Ringtones (from iTunes) A.06 // {shortened version, 29 seconds} link A Light That Never Comes (Hook) // {portion of 1st chorus and 2nd verse} link A Place For My Head // {final chorus+portion of outro} link Battle Symphony // {1st chorus+2nd verse} link Blackout // {bridge} link Blackout // {starts from "Floating down..."} link Bleed It Out // {portion of 2nd verse+chorus+bridge} link Blackout (Chorus) // {2nd chorus} link Blackout (Tag) // {bridge+final chorus} link Blackout (Verse) // {verse 1+chorus} link Breaking The Habit // {1st chorus mixed with 2nd chorus+bridge} link Breaking The Habit (Live At Milton Keynes)// {final chorus} link Breaking The Habit (Short Edit) // {2nd chorus, 5 seconds} link Burn It Down (Chorus) // {2nd chorus+bridge} link Burning In The Skies (Chorus) // {2nd chorus} link Burning In The Skies (Intro) // {1st verse} link Burning In The Skies (Tag) // {final chorus} link CASTLE OF GLASS (Chorus) // {final chorus} link Crawling // {final chorus} link Cure For The Itch link Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You [Clean] // {intro chorus+verse 1} link Faint // {portion of bridge+final chorus} link Faint (Short Edit) // {final chorus, only 5 seconds} link Fallout (Main) link From The Inside // {2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link Given Up [Clean] // {1st chorus mixed with 2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy) // {2nd chorus} link Guilty All The Same (Chorus) [feat. Rakim] // {2nd chorus} link Hands Held High // {final chorus} link Heavy (feat.Kiiara) // {1st Chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link I'LL BE GONE (Tag) // {final chorus} link In Between // {portion of the bridge+final chorus} link IN MY REMAINS (Chorus) // {final chorus /w portion of outro} link In Pieces // {final chorus} link Iridescent (Verse) // {1st verse} link Iridescen (Chorus) // {final chorus} link Iridescent (Tag) // {starts from "Let it go..."} link Iredescent (Choir) // {chorus during the bridge} link In The End // {1st chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link In The End (Demo) [LPU Rarities] // {portion of 1st verse+chorus} link Invisible // {1st chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link Izzo/In The End // {portion of Mike's verse+chorus} link Jornada Del Muerto // {starts from "Mochiagete..."} link LIES GREED MISERY (Chorus) // {2nd chorus} link Leave Out All The Rest // {1st Chorus} link Leave Out All The Rest (Instrumental Intro) link Leave Out All The Rest (Live At Milton Keynes) // {chorus} link LOST IN THE ECHO (Chorus) // {2nd chorus+bridge} link Lying From You // {Chorus} link Lying From You (Short Edit) // {1st chorus, 5 seconds} link My December // {chorus} link My December (Short edit) // {chorus, 5 seconds} link New Divide // {chorus} link New Divide (Guitar Solo) // {loop of the guitar solo} link New Divide (Intro) // {intro} link New Divide // {shortened Chorus 1 mixed with final chorus} link Nobody Can Save Me // {1st chorus} link Nobody's Listening // {final chorus} link No More Sorrow // {2nd chorus+bridge} link Numb // {final chorus} link Numb (Live At Milton Keynes)// {final chorus} link Numb (Short Edit) // {final chorus 5 seconds} link Numb/Encore // {chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link One More Light // {chorus} link One Step Closer // {portion of 2nd Chorus+bridge} link One Step Closer (100 gecs Reanimation) // {portion of 1st verse, chorus and 2nd verse} link One Step Closer (Live At Milton Keynes)// {2nd chorus} link One Step Closer (Short Edit) // {final chorus, 5 seconds} link Papercut (Chorus) // {2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link POWERLESS (chorus) // {2nd chorus} link ROADS UNTRAVELED (Tag) // {final chorus} link Robot Boy (Bridge) // {bridge} link Robot Boy (Tag) // {final chorus} link Robot Boy (Verse) // {1st verse} link Session link Shadow Of The Day // {2nd chorus} link Shadow Of The Day (Live At Milton Keynes) // {portion of the 3rd chorus} link Shadow Of The Day (The Sun Will Set For You) // {1st chorus} link Sharp Edges // {1st chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link She Coudn't // {1st chorus} link SKIN TO BONE (Chorus) // {final chorus} link Somewhere I Belong // {final chorus} link Somewhere I Belong (Short Edit) // {final chorus, 5 seconds} link Sorry For Now // {1st chorus} link Talking To Myself // {1st chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link The Catalyst // {portion of the 1st chorus and 2nd verse} link The Catalyst (Guitarmagedon) [Does It Offend You Yeah Remix] // {intro+1st verse} link The Little Things Give You Away // {2nd chorus} link The Messenger (Chorus) // {2nd chorus} link The Messenger (Tag) // {final chorus} link The Messenger (Verse) // {1st verse} link The Requiem (Chorus) // {1st portion of the chorus} link The Requiem (Intro) // {intro+chorus} link Tinfoil link UNTIL IT BREAKS (Intro) // {1st verse} link Until It's Gone // {portion of the 2nd verse+chorus} link Valentine's Day // {starts from "And the clouds above..."} link VICTIMIZED (Verse) // {1st verse+chorus} link Wake link Waiting For The End (Chorus) // {2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link Waiting For The End (Tag) // {Mike's rap after the 2nd chorus} link Waiting For The End (The Glitch Mob Remix) // {portion of 1st verse+chorus} link Waiting For The End (Verse) // {intro verse+portion of Chesters verse} link What I've Done // {portion of intro mixed with 2nd Chorus} link What I've Done (Live At Milton Keynes) // {2nd chorus} link What I've Done // {intro loop} link When They Come For Me (Alt Verse) [Clean] // {2nd verse} link When They Come For Me (Outro) // {outro} link When They Come For Me (Robot) [Clean] // {portion of the verse 1 and chorus} link When They Come For Me (Verse) // {verse 1} link Wretches And kings // {intro+part of the verse} link Wretches And Kings (Tag) // {bridge} link Mike Shinoda Ringtones (from iTunes) Crossing A Line // {2nd chorus} link fine // {1st chorus} link Ghosts // {2nd chorus+bridge} link Happy Endings (feat. iann dior and UPSAHL) [Explicit] // {1st verse+pre-chorus} link Nothing Makes Sense Anymore // {portion of 2nd chorus/verse} link Over Again // {1st chorus+portion of 2nd verse} link Place To Start // {starts from "I’m tired of feeling..."} link Running From My Shadow // {chorus} link Watching As I Fall // {2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link Watching As I Fall [Explicit] // {2nd chorus+portion of bridge} link Dead By Sunrise Ringtones (from iTunes) Crawl Back In // {final chorus} link Fort Minor Ringtones (from iTunes) Back Home (feat. Common & Styles Of Beyond) // {final chorus} link Be Somebody (feat. Lupe Fiasco, Holly Brook) // {final chorus+outro with talking Mike} link Cigarettes (Edit) [Clean] // {two different portions of the chorus mixed together} link Get Me Gone // {1st verse} link High Road (feat. John Legend) [Clean] // {final chorus} link In Stereo // {final chorus+portion of outro} link Petrified // {final chorus} link Red To Black (feat. Kenna, Jonah Matranga & Styles Of Beyond) // {final chorus} link Remember The Name // {final chorus} link Slip Out The Back (feat. Mr. Hahn) // {final chorus} link The Hard Way (feat. Kenna) // {2nd chorus} link There They Go (feat. Sixx John) // {final chorus} link Where'd You Go // {mix of the 1st chorus with final chorus} link Of course since it's apple, the link will not work until you will open it on the apple's mobile devices (iphone etc) Many of them were prepared by Mike, but not all of them. In parentheses I added a description of what portion of the song each of the ringtone is. I don't know if my description will be clear enough but here are some previews: listen listen It's the same version that was used on the linkinpark.com site during the promotion of the single. listen I don't have the preview for that, this one is weird, definitely not edited by Mike but someone from the label.
  20. You can change from 130 to 70 in audacity
  21. The Brooding track title was updated from "Brooding (Instrumental)" to "Brooding (Instrumental Version)" everywhere except iTunes. Should we updated it too or this is some sort of mistake like some LP releases had before? At some point they changed "One More Light Live" to "Live In Europe" or something like that, that later turned to be a mistake.
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