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  1. First one is probobly GATS live version with Mike rapping the Rakim part, I think The second is "Hot Karl - Like Riding A Bike (feat. Mike Shinoda, Intuition & Abnormal)"
  2. WallOfSound: Official Warner Info: I'm curious how that works, if WallOfSound received the same info (at this point the same PDF with the info from the label) and they just changed the sentence a little bit.
  3. If anyone bought any of those release and know what the tracklist is of those available only in Australia editions: link1, link2 - let me know. Quick update of the list and site + small info: Those two releases were merged. I change the column name from "Catalog #" to "Identifier ", since I added music videos to site I had to put a different name of this column in all music video sections, but I didn't want to have two different names so I just use the same everywhere. The "Catalog #" name was always correct, maybe not for the all artists and releases but all for the Warner Bros. releases, because if it's about the Fort Minor/Dead By Sunrise/Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park - the UPC code from all of those is at the same time the catalog number, just like some physical releases has. I also recently confirmed that by talking about it with Juno Download store - they always shows only catalog numbers of the releases (as you can see for e.g. here and here), the UPC code nowhere can be found on Juno's pages but you can always ask them about it. Also as they said: "Unfortunately we don't have yet in our system to be able to search via the UPC in the website but it is something we have in the plans for future improvements." Added as release IDs the GRID codes to some releases of Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park. I decided to keep only one code in the identifier column in table. For albums/singles usually that will be the UPC code, for music videos usually that will be GRID code, since Warner keeps "on top" only this identifier for his music videos that are stand-alone release. So in the table there will be one identifier per-release but, you will be still able to find the same release by other identifiers, when use the search bar (which is on the top of the site). For example: At this point when you will use in the search bar the UPC code, GRID code or the catalog number, you will be able to find those releases. A lot of corrections were made to the site, notably the sections of LP: "LPU", Concert Videos, corrections in some of the games in the "Games" section, corrections in some releases in the "Others" and some corrections in the "Free downloads" section. I asked the LP store team what is the quality of all LPU albums that are available in MP3. If I will get the info I will add it here.
  4. For a second I was like, wait a minute I heard about some kind of that and that was associated with Linkin Park, and I remembered that in 2012 they did a game with Lotus F1 team, the game was called "Linkin Park GP".
  5. Amends Stripped Cover Amends Stripped Vinyl Amends Stripped Promo Shouting Out Stripped single cover I added to digital thread all stuff that were released today:
  6. On amazon. In Europe it will be available on Januarry 2021.
  7. I posted the sample because there are interesting things there, besides few pictures of the band, so maybe this will cause that more people will buy it.
  8. The book is out on itunes today. Here's a sample (77 pages only out of 477): download
  9. It is supporting. On today's live stream Mike asked fans about what the name he should use for the album. That was probably the reason why it was postponed.
  10. It will be. It was scheduled for a release, but they decided to postpone it. It appeared on AcousticSounds.com by a mistake. Right now we don't know if the idea of "income for scholarship at ArtCenter College of Design" will happen. EDIT: it will happen, Mike just confirmed it.
  11. Post Traumatic, The Rising tied, Out Of Ashes probably too.
  12. Sharp Edges (One More Light Live) Crawling (One More Light Live) if it's about the video, not the audio, in which countries both videos were recorded?
  13. It's not. The deal was to send the 24-bit versions of each album to Apple to make by them Mastered for iTunes (aka Apple Digital Master now) which was so popular by that time. And that's all. All albums re-released in 2013 has no any differences in mastering (besides MTM and bonus tracks that were released in deluxe versions). I think that the band already has a full MTM mastered version of the album with the new version of NRL and SOTD in 2007, but they decide to officially release the different versions of them. They still have those mastered versions that the label or someone responsible for that picked them in 2012 to release them later on iTunes and as 24-bit. If you will watch making of Shadow of the day that was released in 2007, you can hear that new version of SOTD there.
  14. The label already knows about every single issues with all releases. Some people from the label were informed about them at least two times.
  15. Site update: - added LPU link to "Stream" menu, - added music videos to LP, MS, FM and DBS, also from now some of the additional info of them will be only there - 1, 2. Added to both the site and to main post here the link to Pro Music site, where you can check if any stream platform / digital store is legal. EDIT: also, I removed Justin Smith from the credits from all 2013 releases of MTM, ATS, HT, Meteora standard editions as we confirmed they have no new mastering differences, it's probably the same case like with OML, OMLL or PT - all tracks from those albums are exactly the same everywhere, while Mastered for iTunes and 24-bit versions were registered under different isrc/upc codes. There are plus two reasons more why those don't have different mastering.
  16. I guess it would be not fair. The HT20 book contains a lot of stuff uploaded by the fans. None of the fans received anything because of that.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Funko-Pop-Albums-Linkin-Hybrid/dp/B08CB7B89R/
  18. I just posted a download for both songs, check "Other LP Downloads" subforum.
  19. We have the quality update of both tracks in some sort. I mean on LPU 15 they were 16-bit lossless and the masters on HT20 has: Hurry - 24-bit/44.1kHz Chair - 24-bit/48.0kHz
  20. No LPU CD replacement? So they should give the two tracks to everyone in at least lossless CD quality not just mp3. I hope you guys will suggest them this.
  21. Pictureboard, She Couldn't, Could Have Been In both places of the Super Deluxe Box set [1, 2], all 3 tracks contains "demo". This was also in the local databases and all tracks on streaming platforms/digital stores supposed to have the same but it was corrected right before the release of She Couldn't. I would consider this as a error. The front cover of the HT Book seems to have missing "]", can someone check the US version?
  22. And-One_HT20 And-One_SFTU Which version is better?
  23. Remove both songs from iTunes and download them again.
  24. Thanks man a lot for this! Do you have also for all 3 DVDs? I will edit them a little just to colors look more like the ones presented in the stores.
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