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  1. Yeah i'm trying to get slayer Off of him but he want's shows that's doesn't even exist yet or hard to obtain
  2. Actually I'm Just interested for the whole set even with or without walk
  3. Hey i would love half of those bands Slipknot Mudvayne Papa Roach Disturbed, Marilyn Manson Black Sabbat
  4. so for years we been having Chris Robinson version of this show
  5. Hey Do Anyone have this source from this show Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: CSB > Sharp MD-MT15) Taper: Chris Robinson Time: 33:24 mins Format: FLAC / 212 MB Sample: (By Myself - 30 sec) - Download (right click and save) Comments: None
  6. lpfan12

    Xero News

    Reading comment's seeing some desperate people hungry for the demo. Won't y'all let the admins do what is right or do what they gotta to do.
  7. Sad video. when i first watched it. it had me tearin up. those footages of jones beacjh and random ozzfest shows are very interesting
  8. lpfan12

    Xero News

    Naw i'm the only one that understand. Always have group of people that wants everything releashed. hold the stuff aslong as you need to.
  9. Does anyone have the meteora Demo i been looking for it forever
  10. Wouldn't mind seeing washington DC 2001 and some of the ozzfest recordings. This site kicks ass keep up the good work
  11. You can't him what to do that's what he said to me.
  12. Yeah But that doesn't mean spam the whole damn thing
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