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  1. You can't him what to do that's what he said to me.
  2. Yeah But that doesn't mean spam the whole damn thing
  3. I think i found the setlist to this show I found this off of setlist fm hope it helps out 1 Papercut 2 Forgotten 3 Points of Authority 4 With You 5 Runaway 6 And One 7 In the End 8 A Place for My Head 9 One Step Closer
  4. All of the ozzfest shows The complete dragon festival set The complete summersonic 2006 Basicly everything from the earlier days
  5. I don't know if anybody read this before but i just came up on it a few mins ago..https://www.revolvermag.com/music/linkin-parks-chester-bennington-lost-interview
  6. Source 1: Video - AUD (Unknown) Taper: Mike S. Time: ? mins (full show) Format: ? / ? GB Comments: Uncirculated. Same taper was Rochester and Buffalo 2001. Source added to the live guide in April 2016. This is a interesting show to be releashed for the next lp Annyversiary
  7. Does the second day show exist where he talked about the spider bite.
  8. Geki i mean't this date 8/11 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ already got the 08/12 date
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