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  1. Always nice to have some sort of media on your computer instead of youtubeing. get you a big hard drive.
  2. i wonder did his tape cut off or almost got tookin away by security probably the reason for just 5 songs/. Awesome Set None the less
  3. it's just the way the sound is and plus got to look at the size of the filmore it's not like a huge auditorium or something they probably had their Equipment sounding nice through out 2001 and we can't really tell it.Plus doesn't matter about the age of the band
  4. Thank bud that's Awesome none the less
  5. Regardless if we can put some sort of thing together that would be super insane. For the ones that is barley on here i understand and respect that. Despite your problems with me i pertty much agree with you on that. but why don't the site admins open up a paying method so people can put what they can in it
  6. Whos the other guy Recording could he have the whole compelete set. Would be cool right lol
  7. i wish they had alo of us - europe and ozzfest shows i would love to see camden 2001
  8. just releash on google drive. less ones know about it more its still be rare
  9. Everybody Always wanting unreleashed Stuff. All i'm saying we should pitch in if the Admins run into a unreleashed Audio and Video stuff know what i mean. Meaning everything from 2000.2001. make a paypal or other pay methods. just a thought lol. Everyone Always want this and that releash thats why i made this post...
  10. Never been there in my life by me being from the East Coast.Would love to visit there one day. Very Eye Catching lol.
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