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  1. Want y'all start up a gofundme account to let everybody pitch in for the footage or any of the LP Footage up to a certain point
  2. lpfan12

    Ozzfest 2001

    Hell Yeah bro. I live in SmithField NC aka the small town that don't get huge concerts at all Easter NC Next to the 95 coradoor
  3. lpfan12

    Ozzfest 2001

    i agree on that. Not only that But they was Willing to fight to win over the crowd in those few shows at the begining. I think by me living in North Carolina i would love to see or hear the 2001.07.17 Charlotte, North Carolina show i'm actually a couple of hours from their.
  4. Exactly Y'all should put up a paypal or gofundme and let the people that want that show to be releashed let them put money on it
  5. lpfan12

    Ozzfest 2001

    Ozzfest 2001 Rarely get mention. But say if the band or whoever has the footage of certain shows on the tour what show from that would y'all wanna see and why..
  6. I hear a remsemblence to what i'v done in Hybrid Theory style
  7. The Outros in both video's are out of audiable
  8. i listen to a few songs on skip but ended up playing from top to bottom and fell in love with their music from that point
  9. That's whats up. when you brought the album did you listen to it completely or skip a few song's
  10. i got into them in 2000 but didnt buy the album untill the summer of 2001 so no merch from me nethier
  11. Yeah i'm trying to get slayer Off of him but he want's shows that's doesn't even exist yet or hard to obtain
  12. Actually I'm Just interested for the whole set even with or without walk
  13. Hey i would love half of those bands Slipknot Mudvayne Papa Roach Disturbed, Marilyn Manson Black Sabbat
  14. so for years we been having Chris Robinson version of this show
  15. Hey Do Anyone have this source from this show Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: CSB > Sharp MD-MT15) Taper: Chris Robinson Time: 33:24 mins Format: FLAC / 212 MB Sample: (By Myself - 30 sec) - Download (right click and save) Comments: None
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