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  1. Imo the song’s fine I guess. It might grow on me, or I just forget about it like with Open Door. I miss the more dramatic tones of Mike’s music like with Post Traumatic, Fine, and even some of the songs from Dropped Frames like Crystalina and Dog Whistles. Also I REALLY want a new album from Mike. And I want Linkin Park to finally make a new album. I guess when Mike tweeted “something big is coming”, and it just turned out to be yet another upbeat single, and nothing more, I was kind of let down...
  2. Has anyone else noticed the audio sounds extremely muddy in this show? Oftentimes everything sounds extremely muffled, like you’re listening to a concert through a wall. Is this the fault of the initial recording or the dvd mixing?
  3. I ordered through Amazon and let Warner know up front when sending them an email. When I heard back, they asked for my order number, which gave me hope since that led me to believe they would give replacements to Amazon customers. However, just to be sure, I reiterated I ordered through Amazon while sending my order number, and... Hello ARS, Many thanks for your e-mail. We have noted you have placed your order with a separate company to us. Please locate your order confirmation email and contact the company who sent you that email. Alternatively, if you no l
  4. That’s awful. I paid $200 for this thing and yet it’s missing tracks and there’s nothing I can do about it?! I’ve been scammed!
  5. Honestly one of the things about this box that has me the most excited are the DVDs, especially the Frat Party sequel.
  6. I’d be so stoked if a physical release came out. The one thing that has always kind of disappointed me about these great instruments albums is that they’re digital only. And I can kind of understand why, but at the same time, I can’t help but love collecting LP stuff. A box set would be glorious.
  7. Same here!! I’m also just extremely happy about getting a collector’s box set for this album
  8. If you select the software installer, the "In Yourself Jam" will be installed. From there, Demo_Pic_Board.mp3 is unlocked. So we're definitely getting Pictureboard.
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