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  1. This is really really cool. The digital marketing for this band has always been so good, it’s almost surreal to see them bringing back puzzles and everything like the good old days.
  2. I think speculation is a dangerous road when it comes to something like this, and I don’t think any of us should take speculation or assumptions as something akin to truth. There are any number of factors that go into things like depression. With that said, the OML reaction (at least the online one) is 100% the elephant in the room as said above. We cannot say that it was the “cause” or anything like that, but we also can’t ignore it. Anyone who follows the band, watches the videos, attended or watched or listened to live recordings, we all knew how Chester was, and he always very ha
  3. Has anyone fixed up the audio sync problems that the stream was having, where it made it seem like the audience singing was horribly out of time with the music? Also, why is your version missing I Miss You?
  4. Joe winning Best Member of the Band is hilarious.
  5. What a nice trip down memory lane. Awesome to see how far this site has come.
  6. So weird that these events happen at video game promotions....
  7. Fantastic interviews with everyone. I sadly can't say that I've been here since the very beginning (joined up during the 08 winter tour) but I think I've been here long enough to truly appreciate how much this site has changed and grown over the years. The fact that it's been around an entire decade is just crazy to think about. I've made some great friends here too, like Mark, Jonas, and Preston. Here's to many more years, many more shows, many more exclusives, many more album discussions, and all of that good stuff. A lot of us have gone on to other things and other bands but I love seeing e
  8. These are the shows that really remind how great of a vocalist Chester actually is. This is much more his style based on his voice as opposed to most LP stuff. Stupidly talented singer. Great short interview here, really awesome that you were able to get him. Let's hope we see more of these shows in the future now that Chester's schedule is less full.
  9. I'm sure they'll keep the ballad medley in the set for this festival.
  10. If they were to do one more tour for THP (AHEM, USA make up tour), with the same basic structure as they've kept it, this is what I would like. 1. Papercut 2. Given Up 3. Rebellion 4. Points of Authority 5. One Step Closer 6. A Line in the Sand 7. From The Inside 8. All For Nothing 8. Runaway 9. Wastelands 10. Castle of Dance 11. Numb 12. Waiting For The End 13. Mark the Graves 14. Breaking The Habit 15. Darker Than Blood 16. Burn It Down 17. Final Masquerade 18. Remember the Name 19. Welcome 20. In The End 21. What I've Done 22. Bleed It Out ENCORE 23. Guilty All T
  11. That was absolutely disgusting, I love it.