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  1. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Post Traumatic, Mike Shinoda has released a rough sketch version of his music video of Crossing A Line which includes the demo version of the song! "Before we shot the actual video for Crossing A Line, I went out to Sunset Blvd late one night and shot a rough version by myself. It uses an unfinished version of the song. I thought I would share it to celebrate 1 year of #PostTraumatic." What do you think?
  2. It has already been one year since Mike Shinoda released his Post Traumatic album, dealing with the loss of Chester and the journey through it. Throughout the past year, Mike has completed a world tour through Asia, Europe, and North America in support of the album and has also issued a deluxe edition of the album with several bonus tracks. To celebrate the release of Post Traumatic, Mike performed an intimate set at the iconic Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. What have been some of your favorite memories from the past year during the Post Traumatic era?
  3. Time really flies... it has now been five full years since Linkin Park's iconic show at Download Festival 2014. The band performed Hybrid Theory for the first and only time ever in full, in order. Despite playing all of the songs at at least one show in Europe 2001, they had never performed it start-to-finish. The Download show was massive, and the Hybrid Theory portion of the show was released as a bonus for preordering The Hunting Party from Linkin Park's website. The band said that they were considering a small club tour for the album, but decided to do it just once at Download instead. Looking back, what do you think about the show?
  4. Berlin 2008 looked like an epic one too. That entire European Tour. I have no idea why they didn't release that tour. They recorded the shows of course. Epic setlists... I hope we get them someday. Remember they came back around and released Australia/NZ 2007 later? They need to do that with Europe summer 2008. I don't think that's a label decision to just say "fuck selling one tour", probably the band's management decided that for some reason.
  5. Yeah the label or even the band's management themselves are the reason for the DSPs going down. We tried everything. Petition, campaign, all of it. Mike was on board with us.
  6. It looks like this source is going to go "extinct" from circulation, meaning we won't be able to find it anywhere. It isn't on LPLive, it isn't on lp-bits, etc. We can gladly put this on the LPLive Archive YouTube channel so it doesn't get lost. The last thing we need is to lose proshot sources. If anyone thinks that might happen with any source, please send us a message and we'll gladly get stuff uploaded to YouTube + host the download here. https://lplive.net/shows/2012/20120912 Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (MTVLA: MTV World Stage) Time: 47 mins Comments: Uncensored. 'A Place For My Head', 'New Divide', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Points Of Authority', 'Lies Greed Misery', 'LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent', 'Lost In The Echo', 'What I've Done', 'Burn It Down', 'In The End', 'Bleed It Out' and 'One Step Closer'. Broadcasted October 5th. This broadcast is uncensored and has the Ballad Medley, which we need. Does anyone here have it?
  7. Yeah good point. Could be some band/WBR fuckery. Really sucks.
  8. No it's public. There's some really weird stuff with YouTube going on lately. When we upload a video of a DSP (like we put the whole DSP up), it won't show it. It doesn't give us an error or anything, it just doesn't work. Some YouTube fuckery with music.
  9. Would be really cool if somehow a consistent podcast existed in the LP community. We'd love to feature on one. Definitely not opposed to that in any way. This YouTube video not working is really weird. It says it has views. But when we log out of our account it's unavailable, but there isn't any restriction on it. Not sure what's going on.
  10. I don't have it personally but I know it exists as I've seen it. It was basically like a few minutes of what an LPTV episode of the Summit would look like. And then it cut to the Carson show being put together.
  11. Whatever the reason, the band made a collective decision to not broadcast those songs. Perhaps they felt that those were the weakest Meteora songs in a live setting. They aren't in any broadcast or release, until they put Easier to Run on the singles, LPU 4, and out digitally so they must have changed their mind slightly on that one. They were also the songs dropped the fastest from the live show, neither made it past two tours for Meteora and were completely gone after Projekt Revolution 2003, being replaced by the much better live tracks Numb and Figure.09. I think that gives some evidence that they didn't think too highly of Easier to Run or Hit the Floor live, because they didn't play them past the first arena tour on the album.
  12. That was fast. Uploading a link for a download right now.
  13. An interesting new file has surfaced online, from the run up to Linkin Park's 2014 shows. Download: WAV: https://we.tl/t-G6C23ceIew MP3: https://www.sendspace.com/file/95pnr7 If you saw this world tour in 2014 or 2015, you'll know that Mike designed the setlist to be an immersive "experience" of all the different time period's in Linkin Park's history. Songs were shortened, medleys were created, and many songs transitioned into one another in ways we've never seen the band do before. While noting that this is just a first draft before obviously many changes were made, you can get a glimpse of Mike's first, original ideas of what the show was going to look like. The tracklist is different than what the band played in Europe in 2014 and on Carnivores in 2014 and includes just two songs from The Hunting Party - 'Guilty All The Same' and 'All For Nothing', which surprisingly was never played live. When analyzing the setlist, you'll see that heavyweights 'New Divide' and 'Faint' are at the start of the tour instead of near the end. Before Joe's Solo Medley was created, Mike had the idea of running 'Session', 'Cure For The Itch', and 'I'll Be Gone' (Vice Remix w/ Pusha T) all back-to-back. Next, his solo portion of the show features a wild run of him rapping 'Wretches & Kings' and 'Points Of Authority' before going into 'Hands Held High' over ''In My Remains' and adding the second verse of it over the intro of 'Numb'. Crazy! And of course, the big surprise is the initial idea to play 'All For Nothing' in the transition after 'Runaway' instead of 'Wastelands'. In the end (ha), you get to see just how creative Mike is when you listen to this immersive experience and we can debate all day long about whether you liked the 2014 setlists better or worse than this draft! One thing is for sure... this is a cool piece of Linkin Park history that you should definitely check out. You'll hear Mike mix in live recordings with his own studio mashups to concoct this epic set. And you'll also notice changes from what was actually played. For your convenience, we've provided this quick tracklist below: Linkin Park February 14, 2014 "The Hunting Party" Tour "Live Experience" Setlist Draft One - Mike Shinoda 01 The Catalyst Intro 02 Guilty All the Same (Instrumental) 03 Given Up (Ext. Outro Edit) > 04 New Divide 05 Faint (Ext. Outro Edit) > 06 One Step Closer (Ext. Outro Edit) > 07 Blackout (Short) -> 08 Papercut (Short - both verses & choruses, hard stop after ch2) > 09 With You (Short - no first chorus or second verse) > 10 Runaway (Intro, first verse, chorus only; Ext Outro/transition demo, no verse) > 11 All For Nothing (Instrumental) 12 Castle Of Glass Experience (Studio Edit Mashup) 13 LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Live Take) > 14 Robot Boy (Short) > 15 Session (short) > 16 Cure For The Itch (Short, Sped up ending) > 17 I'll Be Gone (Vice Remix w/ Pusha T) (Short) > 18 What I've Done (Alex K Dubstep Remix intro, Ext. bridge, Live ext keyboard outro) > 19 Burn It Down 20 Mike Solo Medley (No intro; Wretches & Kings v1, Points Of Authority intro rap) > 21 Points Of Authority instrumental jam > 22 In My Remains instrumental (w/ Hands Held High v1) > 23 Numb (Long Numb/Encore instrumental intro w/ Hands Held High v2) 24 In The End 25 Bleed It Out After spending three+ hours discussing this in our LPLive group Skype chat, we are going ahead with this post because while it does have a lot of questionable moments in it, there are indeed live audio clips in this that aren't released publicly anywhere from the Monterrey 2012 show, which leads us to believe it is legitimate. We will work on providing a download for you shortly. Enjoy, and we look forward to the discussion on this one.
  14. If I recall correctly wasn't there a broadcast of this show where preshow it had some LPU Summit Camden footage from the Summit? Maybe it was Source 2.
  15. After successful events in Nashville, TN (2017) and Atlanta, GA (2018), Filthy Nasty Productions and Linkin Park Live are proud to present the third annual "From the Inside" night in honor of Linkin Park's iconic Chester Bennington. This event - now in its third year - is a night to celebrate one of rock's most influential vocalists in Chester Bennington from Linkin Park as well as provide a forum to discuss mental health + suicide prevention. This year's edition of "From the Inside" will feature performances from Jesse Hasek + Brian Vodinh of 10 Years, EMERGE and Chad Grennor at Open Chord / All Things Music in Knoxville, TN on July 18th, 2019. There will be a silent auction, unique merchandise as well as an open mic in-between sets for anyone wanting to discuss mental health awareness or what music means to you. Of course, you can expect some of your favorite Chester/LP songs to be rocking the speakers before and after the show as well. As always, net proceeds from the evening benefit Linkin Park's charity Music for Relief. Tickets RSVP to the event on Facebook All Ages, Doors open at 6pm. Hope to see you there!
  16. Just glad that all of this happened literally like a few years before the social media age exploded, so none of this ever blew up. Or like the fight he got into in Miami. None of that is ever talked about because it was before social media thankfully.
  17. Message Pooch on Instagram and he will reply. Just state you work on stuff on LPLive and are trying to finalize some info or something. He's a genuinely great guy. Man, it'd be sweet if they got him back for future tours. Sure, they sounded great on the OML world tour but it's pretty unanimous that Pooch is a top 3 live sound engineer in the world, hence his resume being so incredibly substantial. Plus the band loved him too. My guess is everything on your list was mixed by Ethan except the Live Around the World series.
  18. The reason the band hasn't released anything yet is because they haven't made any statements on their future. I think once they start recording music, touring, etc, they'll start issuing more stuff. The band seems to want to be active again before they start releasing stuff. Live shows with Chester, LPU CDs with demos again, etc. I agree that a live show is a great replacement for demos if they don't want to release those right now. If they said "hey, for 2019's LPU CD, we'd like to give you 18 songs from the world tour for The Hunting Party, for the first time ever." That'd be a great release for the fans. Live should be no problem for them to churn out whether it's to the LPU or online elsewhere.
  19. Holy actual hell. Man apparently these versions aren't truly lossless that they uploaded. Right martinez?
  20. Band has ultimate say. Label can recommend that they want to release something, band makes decision. So it isn't about the money to the band, so they just probably don't want to release it for some reason. It's flipped for the older DSPs. LP can want them to upload every old show online and label balks at that idea. But if LP wants to make a live CD/DVD, they can do it.
  21. Ethan mixed the THP XBox Edition tracks for release. Typically almost everything released 2006+ was mixed by him, from Summer Sonic Japan 2006 to Download 2014. I'd bet he was most of these. You can email him and he'd probably answer those. Pooch of course mixed all the Live Around the World songs as those are pulled from the DSPs. Some of the special shows he mentioned on his website, when he says he did mixing for the shows, he may have meant he was actually there in person mixing them. For example, he was at the NYC Subway show to record it. That list doesn't necessarily mean there was a release planned. However, the Fort Minor 2015 show was recorded for release so they seemed to have planned to put that out in some form. What a shame. And also LP had Live in Berlin 2014 and Live in Beijing 2015 mixed and ready to go to prepare for release.... neither show made it out. Weird. They paid Pooch to mix Beijing and get it ready.
  22. 2013 is the only year they toured where there's literally not a single song or show released in any format. And the setlists were awesome that year. They should have at least done DSPs for some of it. Great shows.
  23. From 2007 to 2012, Linkin Park sold their live shows either at the merch booth or online afterwards. If you saw a show during this period, you were most likely able to purchase it to hear afterward. For several years, the band kept the downloads online for fans to be able to buy but unfortunately they were all taken offline quite a while (years) ago. There is no current way to purchase the shows, and with fans requesting them, we wanted to make them available for download. While we have shared the collection of DSPs / live CDs on LP-Bits, we've gotten requests for an updated download for them. If you follow that torrent, it's the same files as what we shared there years ago but with the Warsaw, Poland 2012 files fixed. If you're scrolling through the directory, find your show either on LPLive's year pages (2007-2012) or on the Linkinpedia list of shows, then download the .RAR file of your show. They are separated by year and are easy to find by the date as they are all in order. Cover art is either attached in the show itself or can be easily added from the Linkinpedia page (at the bottom), or find it in the Mega folder for each year. MASTER DIRECTORY FOR SHOWS Backup Link Please let us know if you encounter any errors or issues. Enjoy!
  24. Probably mixed much better is why. The LPU 5 CD has a really awful mix, not sure who approved that but it's probably the worst mixed thing they've ever released. Give that show to someone in 2019 to mix it again and reissue it and it's going to sound much better. Would be a good show to put on a Meteora reissue box set.
  25. WBR allows the band creative freedom and monetary funding to do about 99% of what they want as a band. Best label in the world to be on in terms of marketing, funding for that, tour promotion, etc.
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