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  1. With only three shows left this year, we were beginning to worry that there wouldn't be another show for awhile... but the wait just got a lot shorter! Dropping a big announcement today, Mike Shinoda (with Dan Mayo, Matt Harris, and the rest of the crew) confirms that the Post Traumatic Tour will be returning to Europe in 2019! The sixteen show tour will be hitting the following stops in Europe: 2019.03.02 Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle 2019.03.03 Bremen, Germany - Pier 2 2019.03.05 Hannover, Germany - Swiss Life Halle 2019.03.06 Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen 2019.03.08 Hamburg, Germany - Sporthalle 2019.03.09 Paris, France - Zenith 2019.03.10 London, England - Roundhouse 2019.03.12 Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Arena 2019.03.14 Milan, Italy - Fabrique 2019.03.15 Padova, Italy - Gran Teatro Geox 2019.03.17 Zurich, Switzerland - Halle 622 2019.03.18 Munich, Germany - Zenith 2019.03.19 Prague, Czech Republic - Forum Karlin 2019.03.21 Amsterdam, Netherlands - AFAS Live 2019.03.22 Ludwigsburg Germany - MHPArena 2019.03.23 Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Luxexpo That's a pretty HUGE tour! Mike's previous European Tour this year took him to a couple countries hitting mostly festival. Europe's about to get the full treatment, seven shows in Germany (reminiscent of the 2014 Hunting Party Tour), TWO in Italy for the first time ever, and Mike's first performance EVER in Luxembourg. Following massive shows at Reading and Leeds in 2017, Mike will return to the intimate Roundhouse in London for the first time since Linkin Park's show there on July 4, 2011. The tour will kick off at the exact venue that Linkin Park's 2001 European headlining tour kicked off at... Berlin's Columbiahalle. Who's gonna buy tickets? Onsale times and sale times for both general and LPU are as follows (so get your wallets ready!): LPU Pre-Sale: Tuesday (11/27/18) @ 9am UK/10am CET Public On-Sale: Friday (11/30/18) @ 9am UK/10am CET For full coverage of the tour and all the latest Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park news, be sure to hit us up on social media! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world! Subscribe to our LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world - including videos from this past tour. Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here. With this tour announcement, we will be launching our 2019 Mike Shinoda page as well.
  2. Big news! Now we know what Mike has been working on. Mike Shinoda will be releasing a 2 LP color vinyl for Post Traumatic that includes a 10" vinyl of two brand new songs. The release date is set for December 7th, and the price is $44.98. 1. Prove You Wrong 2. What The Words Meant Preorder here.
  3. Following our report on November 6th of Mike working on new music this tour and possibly jamming new tunes at soundcheck, our friends at LPA have caught a nice update.... Around the Detroit show on the Post Traumatic Tour, Mike stopped in at Royal House Recording in Detroit, Michigan to work on new music. Joining him were "Motown Horns" and also Walter White on trumpet. Find more photos of the session here. Whatever is going on... new music seems to be on the horizon. Exciting!
  4. As Mike Shinoda's North American Tour wraps up this week with shows in the northeast USA, fans may be disappointed to only see a few holiday radio shows on the schedule for after this tour. However, no worry, as we have learned that the Post Traumatic Tour will continue in 2019. During a recent livestream on Instagram, Mike's multi-instrumentalist bandmate Matt Harris (ha... funny to introduce someone of Mike's that way when that's always how Mike himself is introduced) confirmed that Mike has him booked up in 2019 with touring. Dylan from LPLive actually is who popped the question to him, so thanks to Dylan for that. There is new music being worked on right now, both with Mike solo and Mike with other artists, so 2019 looks to be very promising. With how well the Post Traumatic Tour is going, it would not surprise us if it took another lap around the planet... Europe and South America specifically, but we'd love a second North American Tour next year if the time allows for it. Mike is having a blast on this tour and the fans undoubtedly are very appreciative of being able to see such an intimate, emotional show. Where would you like to see Mike take the tour in 2019? A European headlining tour? Some South American dates? A visit to Australia? Opening for someone big in the USA next summer? Check out Mike's tour dates for 2018 here including the rest of the North American Tour and the upcoming holiday radio shows as well as all past setlists here.
  5. LPLive member "skyzlmt" made us aware of something interesting... "Just as a note, There seemed to be some excessive filming for IOU last night in Chicago. Could be some live usage later in the future for it..." Indeed, while Mike does have a crew member filming and/or taking photos during the show, this is a lot more intense than we've seen on any song during this tour. He's all over the stage during 'I.O.U.' which makes us think the footage could be for something more... like a new music video. Check it out: So far, 'I.O.U.', a fan favorite, is one of the remaining Post Traumatic songs to not have a music video. Mike said he would likely make videos for all of the songs on the album, so we will have to wait and see if 'I.O.U.' gets that treatment!
  6. On the 12th Mike Shinoda takes his Post Traumatic Tour to Cincinnati, Ohio at Bogart's! This is the fourth to last show on the tour, with dates wrapping up in Boston, Detroit, and Silver Spring coming up. At the last show in Chicago, Mike stuck pretty much to script, but did have a few cool highlights: Invisible got its second performance ever with Mike's solo band. The drum solo on the bridge is something different, and was probably added to give Dan his solo since Invisible and Sorry For Now are rotating in the setlist. With a run of In Stereo, I.O.U., and When They Come For Me in a row, there was no shortage of action in Chicago. Until It Breaks was added to the set in the encore after Robot Boy and World's On Fire. And finally... Lift Off was soundchecked again! This time, it was rehearsed with mashup lyrics from another song (unknown). Will we see the song pop up before the end of the tour? Recently, Matt confirmed that the world tour will continue in 2019, so we will have plenty of time to see more songs show up. This will be Mike's first appearance in Cincinnati since Honda Civic Tour 2012, but Linkin Park did play in nearby Columbus for Rock on the Range in 2015. Check out Mike's tour dates and past setlists here.
  7. The show rolls on! Mike Shinoda takes the North American Post Traumatic Tour (Monster Energy Outbreak Tour) to Salt Lake City, Utah on November 8th! We are actually surprised to see Salt Lake City on the tour's routing since Mike performed there in July for the LoveLoud event put on by Imagine Dragons. That was a fun show as we saw Mike open with "Castle Of Glass" and we had a special appearance by Phoenix for the first time, on "Running From My Shadow". That was Mike's very last show performing by himself before he added Dan and Matt to the world tour beginning in Asia about a week later. At the last show in San Francisco, Mike completely flipped the setlist on its head and it took us actually several days to decipher what exactly occurred. That show featured a nine song encore for the first time, which broke the LPLive show page coding. Since we were only designed for eight song encores and never thought something like this could happen, we had to do some adjustments to fit all of the tracks. Clearly we weren't ready for this tour! Mike brought "Place To Start" back for the first time in 32 shows, rapped "Hands Held High" verse 2 for the first time all tour, added "Petrified" and "Until It Breaks" to the encore at the last second, and managed to fit in the rare "Cigarettes" as well. Could this be the best setlist of the tour? What to expect in Salt Lake City, you ask? Actually, we have no idea. Mike changed the set so much in San Francisco we aren't even sure what could occur here. "High Road" has been soundchecked this tour but hasn't been performed yet despite being played in Asia and Europe. "Invisible" has been soundchecked as well, and Mike mentioned wanting to play "Waiting For Tomorrow". Maybe we see some of those tracks appear soon. As tour manager Jim Digby said, "hold on tightly until the ride comes to an end" and brace yourselves for some great, unpredictable shows. After Salt Lake City, the tour heads to Denver, Chicago, and Cincinnati before closing on the east coast. Check out Mike's tour schedule and all setlists on the world tour here.
  8. Heads up, Northern California fans! In case you didn't get your dose of Mike Shinoda in May or November, he is returning to perform at ALT 105.3's Not So Silent Night! Held at San Jose's SAP Center, the event takes place on December 8th. Tickets can be found here. The lineup is: Florence + The Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Bastille, Young The Giant, Chvrches, Mike Shinoda, The Struts, and Elle King. Mike seems abnormally low on this bill... you think he'd be between Death Cab For Cutie and Bastille or something. The Post Traumatic world tour dates can be found here.
  9. Make it three times in one week! Just go ahead and add him to the tour, why don't ya? In a crazy night in San Francisco that saw Mike Shinoda totally flip the setlist on its head and take the phrase "do whatever you want" literally, he also found time to bring out a surprise guest... none other than the beloved Phoenix! After joining the shows in Las Vegas and Anaheim, Phoenix has once again stepped back on stage with Mike. "Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to welcome to the stage... from Linkin Park... Mr. Phoenix Farrell!" Mike completely restructured the set, moving "Crossing A Line" and "In The End" much earlier in the set and opening the encore with "Castle Of Glass" for the first time. Not only that, but he did the "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" mashup with "Hands Held High" in the piano portion of the set despite "Iridescent" being later in the encore. It was the first time that the tracks have been separated in the set. "Place To Start", which we thought had completely disappeared, returned to the set for the first time in 32 (!) shows! The extended outro is gone from the song, which actually may be better for the song to not have it. grandson appeared on "Running From My Shadow", but his guitarist who wrote the song with Mike also made a special appearance on it for the first time. And the encore? Nine songs. Nine. Songs. Mike added "Introduction", "Petrified", and "Until It Breaks", none of which were on the setlist, to open the encore before bringing Phoenix back out. Phoenix, as usual, was on "Papercut", "Castle Of Glass", "Iridescent", "Make It Up As I Go", "Remember The Name", "Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out", and "Running From My Shadow". We'd like to mention how good the songs are sounding in which Dan and Matt have just started performing on. "Cigarettes", "About You", "Until It Breaks", and all of "Over Again" were not tracks that initially had Dan and Matt. The drums, synth, and more on these songs really bring them to life and add a lot to the show. You can watch the entire show here. Full show setlist here. Yes we know that 'Running From My Shadow' is listed as a second encore. In all honesty when we created the show page template on LPLive, we never thought we'd have such a long encore! Mike actually broke the site... good job Mike. The tour continue as Mike heads west to Utah, Colorado, and Illinois coming up! Tour dates, setlists, and more here.
  10. Heads up NorCal! Mike Shinoda's #PostTraumaticTour lands in San Francisco tonight at The Masonic! This is the fourth show of the tour in California and fifth if you count the James Corden performance. Certainly, California is not lacking this year in shows as Mike is sprinkling his home state with performances. This will be Mike's first appearance in the San Francisco area since the 2014 Carnivores Tour ended with a stop in Concord, CA just outside of town. Linkin Park also performed in Oakland, CA that December. The most recent show in Anaheim last night featured none other than our favorite Phoenix as a second guest again on the tour for seven songs. Phoenix gave a great speech to the fans about Linkin Park and Mike, which you can see here. Sticking true to form, Mike's Anaheim setlist actually came out differently than planned once again. He added a mid-set "I.O.U." for fans and gave someone in the front row their choice of a piano song; "Burn It Down "was selected! Something that we just noticed on the tour that is new in California (from Los Angeles), is that Matt and Dan are now performing on "About You" and all of "Over Again" for the first time. This was soundchecked earlier in the tour but didn't get changed in the live show until just now. We're still looking for "Invisible", "High Road", and "Waiting For Tomorrow" to be performed on the tour, but hey, we still have two weeks left and plenty of shows as Mike makes his way back east. After San Francisco, he starts that journey by heading to Utah and Colorado before he plays in Illinois. Stay in touch with LPLive on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for show updates and more! Mike's upcoming tour dates and setlists for every show can be found here.
  11. Following an eventful run through the west, Mike's second to last show in the state took place on November 5th at Anaheim's House Of Blues. In the span of seven days, Mike: - Had Phoenix join him in Las Vegas for seven songs - Performed "Make It Up As I Go" w/ K.Flay on The Late Late Show With James Corden - Had Joe Hahn and Rob Bourdon attend his Los Angeles Palladium show ....and now had Phoenix return for a second appearance on the tour! A man that needs no introduction, obviously, as the crowd completely lost its mind when Phoenix stepped out on the stage. Following the Las Vegas set, Phoenix popped out as the surprise guest once again on "Papercut" in Anaheim. He stuck around for the six song encore which included "Iridescent", "Make It Up As I Go", "Castle Of Glass", "Remember The Name", "Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out", and "Running From My Shadow". Mike had Phoenix give a speech again to the crowd which was very sincere and heartwarming. Phoenix said, "The thing that is really cool that I really appreciate about the Linkin Park family and community as a whole... online, in a space that can be so nasty and so negative, you guys have been really really supportive. It means the world to us, so personally, thank you to all of you guys. Secondly, in the midst of tough situations, when the shit really hits the fan, you need to look at somebody who is going to pick up the flag and lead. And that's been Mike." Mike added that he asked Phoenix a while back to join a few shows of his tour but he wanted to make it special for Linkin Park fans and not make it a big deal in the media about "what's going on with Linkin Park?" This is one reason why Phoenix decided to perform on a few of Mike's newer songs and not just Linkin Park tracks during the show. After the show, Phoenix posted on Instagram, "A nice onstage “bro-snuggle” last night at the @hobanaheim with @m_shinoda . Last night I got a chance to share a bit about my love, gratitude, and respect for Mike. It is in the lowest of valleys that one’s true character is revealed, and Mike has proven what I’ve always known about him. He is a driven, yet compassionate leader, whose kindness flows from a loving heart. He is courageous and strong, but carries a gentle manner. He loves his immediate family, and his Linkin Park family, deeply. A truly top class human... I’m proud to call him a friend." With Phoenix joining Mike twice within a week and the other three Linkin Park members (and Talinda) all coming out for Mike's shows in the area... things are heating up online. Fans have been extraordinarily supportive of it all and there is a lot of interest in what is going on right now. While obviously no one is pushing Linkin Park to do anything, it feels really good to see Phoenix back on stage and rocking out with Mike and to see the other band members appear at the Post Traumatic Tour shows in support of Mike.
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