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  1. Especially the last one. By the way, their show was outstanding. Finally I was able to see them for very first time (and the guys are beautiful and humble people during the M&G event)
  2. Unpopular opinion: I think that Good Goodbye contains the worst performance from Pusha T. A lot of tracks where he is featured as a guest artist are better (like Gorillaz's Let Me Out or Steve Angello's Freedom).
  3. Absolutely agree, along with the fantastic 2017 version of LOATR. BTW, I'm a bit sad because songs like The Catalyst or One Step Closer (the latter with a wonderful intro) are not included in this live release.
  4. I was impressed on his talent during the concert, although I didn't love very much his work with The Bonfires. Anyway, a session/touring member is not a bad idea if Linkin Park decide to return to do a tour. Let's see what the guys want do for their future.
  5. "Talking to Myself" was released on July 25 and it didn't chart very well in the US, compared to the titletrack (at moment *and still* not a single).
  6. Here in Italy, Good Goodbye was released for airplay on May 12 (and there is also a cover art for the single). Weird that Invisible is not a single at all, after being promoted on Linkin Park socials and with the The Late Late Show live performance. BTW, my hope is that Talking to Myself will be released also as a physical single in Europe, like Heavy. Let's see.
  7. Have you noticed that this compilation features B-Boy Document 1999, that song sampled in She Couldn't?
  8. Good ideas: some of them were in my mind.
  9. Not kidding: what do you do with stickers? I don't remember any useful gadget since the eleventh edition. Never saying that: I consider them "useless" because it's a shame paying 60 dollars for them plus the annual CD, T-Shirt & laminate.
  10. This will be the first edition with useless merachandise/gadgets. I remain hopeful for the demos.
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