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  1. Me too, I've been planned to buy it on january. Now I'll have to wait one more month
  2. Did someone have ordered from Amazon. I order my copy from Amazon.fr (even if I live in Italy but I didn't found anywhere else) and I'm wondering when they shipped it
  3. Could someone record the show? Hopefully we have on DVD, but just in case not to be missed
  4. In the trailer they say three full lenghts concerts
  5. I don't think so. The video should be the same, anyway I hope someone will record it
  6. I think will be an audio download. I'm not sire if the audio rip of the DVDs will be avaiale or not
  7. Yeah, I love that t-shirt. Too bad LP don't have a eurostore. Order something from US is a mess expecially right now with covid
  8. Talking about STP, I'd love to have a full video of the KROQ Weennie Roast set
  9. https://www.emp-online.it/p/hybrid-theory-(20th-anniversary-edition)/478793.html
  10. Yes, also the forgotten demo cd are exclusive in it. What bother me is that bundle are the 4LP that I can't use it since I don't have a vinyl player
  11. It's both vinyl and cd/dvd. That's what bothers me the most
  12. Can anyone post the soundcloud link here?
  13. There's a rumor that Fillmore 2001 and a Projekt Revolution 2002 show will be release
  14. I assume it's the best version that we have (better than anything we've before)
  15. Can anyone edit anfmd upload the show without the band commentary? Is this possible to do?
  16. Thanks, I thought that it's a version without the band commentary
  17. I really hope the show will be available afterwards without the guys reacting
  18. Could you please do the same with video sources?
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