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Fort Minor debuts new single, "Welcome"

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I rarely agree with Castro, but I have to say, I'm not really feeling this song either. I do think it's got potential on the radio, it's very much in line with what's on the radio in terms of male-fronted rap these days. But holy crap, Mike's fake tough guy voice has GOT to go. It's embarrasing. Like, shuffle your feet, avoid eye contact, and lie about it when someone asks "Isn't that the dude from Linkin Park?" embarrasing. Mike's perfectly capable of writing good verses without slurring his speech like he just stepped off the streets of Chicago. He's a half Japanese, half white guy from a pretty well-to-do family in one of the nicer Los Angeles neighborhoods. Mike Shinoda is not gangsta, but he's good enough at what he does that he shouldn't have to pretend to be. The first Fort Minor record had a handful of good songs on it. This song is more cringeworthy than the worst song from that record, though.

That's your point of view and I can't change that, but I think you're really wrong. I don't see why this should be embarrasing, you don't have to be a "gangsta" or come from Chicago to "write good verse without slurring his speech", and the song is clearly saying it... he doesn't care anymore if he gets criticized about what he does.

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Periscope summary:

- He'll be playing Welcome during LP shows

- No other songs, but FM is now his way of getting songs that worked out like Welcome out

- No full tour planned but several shows

- He did the artwork on his own

- FM is his solo project: he compared it to NIN, in that Reznor brings in others to work with (SOB)


Watch here: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aFeYzjY2NzA5M3wyNjg0NDU2NFsyWvW5P0QXNxgrOFeilRIUSNSFFAiCHPJp9Bu6nMzv

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This song is awesome but I'm seriously going to have withdraws if this is all we get. I feel like an addict who needs his fix. This is such a high/low emotional swing.


Edit: Okay, you know what, I call bullshit on this only being a one song thing. I'm sorry but I don't believe that despite what Mike says.

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Why does it remind me of burn it down?

The synth probably.

The way I see it, Mike only has one song for now, but he's gonna keep working on FM stuff and release them as sinles/EP's in the future. This song is pretty much his way to announce he's bringing FM back. This lines up with what he said on Periscope and the lyrics of the song ("Let's take it out for another spin again, I don't give a fuck if I win again"). As I mentioned before, I think this song is awesome, and I'm really enjoying it right now. Excited to see what Mike has to say on Conan, I belive he'll give us some more information about the direction FM is going at.

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I Like the song but I'm very confused. Mike said that he was kinda over everybody replicating the indie sound, Now he releases this. I was hoping for a more underground sound. I wonder what Rakim would think about Welcome....


this is not indie. what you mean by "indie"?

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Cmon dude, it has a indie kind of vibe. I like the production, I was just hoping for something a bit more exciting, after 10 years!


Idk. to me, this song is not even close to indie stuff. not sure how you defined it but everyone has their own opinions. i guess you must labelled recent Eminem stuff like "Headlights (feat. Nate Ruess)" as indie stuff too

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