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  1. 2004 unreleased high quality please 😳
  2. Not trying to be negative but we've already heard and seen 95% of the content already, right? I guess It's cool for collectors though.
  3. I wonder if the live shows will be mixed for better quality? (the original Rock Am Ring 2001 audio is pretty trash)
  4. Not interested enough in these items personally.
  5. This thread isn't about us telling them what to do. It's about speculating the options.
  6. I never said any of it is simple. We are not the ones to tell what they should do. Let them decide.
  7. I could be wrong but my bet is, they will continue with the name Linkin Park but will not take a new singer. I feel like even if they revived some legendary singer from the dead who could sing the songs to a perfection, he would still get booed off stage. That is how much people loved Chester and they would see replacing him as a spit to the face. At least right now and near future, i don't think people don't want to hear the old tracks sung by another singer. It would feel like "too soon" and weird. Playback for Chestert's vocals feels the correct thing to do for the moment to pay a tribute.
  8. full show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_zbjQ8P7Vs
  9. I personally dislike the experience version.
  10. I think that's sweat and not tears on the Medley.
  11. Nobody can save me and Sorry For Now are my favourites. Halfway Right and Sharp Edges are really weird lol