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Fort Minor debuts new single, "Welcome"

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The long awaited comeback for Fort Minor is finally here, after being teased for the better part of a year or more by Mike! All the hype on social media and rumblings have lead to Mike dropping a new single entitled "Welcome".


Mike had the following to say (in the letter attached in the download), "I didn't intend to write a new Fort Minor song, it just kinda happened. It's not part of a new album, it's a song that I knew I wanted people to hear right now.

"Welcome" is an underdog song, an outsider's song. Fort Minor has always been my outside outlet as a solo musician and painter, and a way for me to build confidence as an individual, through my individual voice. I played every note, wrote and sang every word, produced and mixed the song, and created all the artwork.

The video, shot in Venice, CA, is a 360 experience. In it, I painted a (huge) mural made from 1,000 vinyl record jackets. After the video, I signed and/or drew on each one, and a vinyl single was placed inside with a print of the entire mural. Those are available now (until they are sold out).

I hope you enjoyed "Welcome" as much as I've enjoyed creating it. -Mike"

You are able to download the song right now for FREE on FortMinor.com for a week, and it will also be on iTunes, Amazon, etc (other digital retailers) tomorrow if you want to buy it and support Mike. If you're in the LP Underground, check your email as you have already received a download link for the track.

As you might have seen the other day, Mike is scheduled to perform the song live on Conan Monday night. The music video will be a 360 video and will premiere Monday at 11am PST as well, so don't miss that.


A LOT of new Fort Minor merch with the new FM artwork has just been released, so here's a brief summary of all of that....

- Pullovers, shirts, tank tops, hats, and bandanas can be purchased HERE.
- Vinyls and vinyl bundles can be purchased HERE.

"Welcome" vinyl tracklisting:
Side 1
1. Welcome (Explicit)
2. Welcome (Clean)
Side 2
1. Welcome (Explicit) Acapella
2. Welcome (Clean) Acapella
3. Welcome Instrumental

Fort Minor release Welcome 360 video in partnership with Mashable

So it seems that Fort Minor is back in a rather...big way! It's just one song (for now?) but there is a video, a performance, a ton of merch, and more. Do you think Mike will end up releasing a song here and there as Fort Minor and keep the project going continually now that it's back? What do you think about the song?
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