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  1. Who knows. What i do know is, lots of things regarding Em goes through his manager Paul Rosenberg or (not always) Royce da 5'9. Looking at Em's timeline i don't think the timing was good, since he had stuff going on at that time. 2004 - Beef with Murda Inc 2005 - World Tour\ September 2005 Rehab 2006 - Passing of his best friend, group mate Proof 2007 - Producing projects for his label artist Ca$his - The County Hound EP\ Em overdosed later that year 2008 - Rehab 2009 - Relapse\Relapse :Refill album (Relapse 2 was scraped) 2010 - Recovery album
  2. OML, definitely. I mean it got to a point when the band was performing Heavy at a Festival, some person threw a drink (or some object) to Chester. There's a video of it floating around the net.
  3. Same here in The Netherlands. I've requested several times to play something from Post Traumatic, instead doing that they either play "What I've Done" or "Where'd You Go". I'm looking at you 3fm smh.
  4. To be honest, i never thought Mike would actually release any music since Chester's passing. I was gearing myself up for an hiates for (insert a number) years. Then the "Post Traumatic" EP came. I always had a tremendous amount of respect for Mike, but at this point i would classified him as a national treasure. The work ethic, the willpower, the musicianship, the class, hats of to that. Like i said i am stoked for the new album!
  5. One of the best responds i've seen on this forum haha
  6. The band is so generous for doing this. They could of gone radio silent for an x amount of time 3 shows? damn.. that really hurts. i would've been crushed. Can't image how you felt when the news broke
  7. I wanted to go so bad to the show in Amsterdam but couldn't... I told myself on the next cycle i'll definitely go. Then the unthinkable happened... I see this as a way to kind of have glimpse of what i would've experience if i saw them live this year. Despite the band trying to figure out how to build the future of Linkin Park, you can't complain they're still putting out content. And for that i'm grateful!
  8. Everything is in shambles at the moment, they still need to re-group.
  9. I thought those "Aah's" were playbacks. Nevertheless, it was refreshing hearing that live.