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  1. Just a clarification, the PT Instrumentals CD-R could be fake but also could be real. Got two sources with this promo, will look further into this one. Yet they still produce such promos of different artists so I can't see a bigger problem why they wouldn't do such for MS/LP.
  2. That means it exists and we have scans of it. Not everything that's up on LPCatalog is in our hands, just to be clear on that.
  3. Denver: Cinci: Boston: Salt Lake City: Chicago:
  4. Raleigh is up! Small difference, instead of 36 the mural is 30 pieces. Shinoda getting lazy
  5. Update: LPU 3 and 4 on ebay, the price is a little bit high though https://www.ebay.com/itm/Linkin-Park-Underground-CDs-3-and-4-0-Fan-Club-Only-Limited-Editions-RARE/263988697862?hash=item3d76f3db06:g:nAIAAOSw4UlbwnIy:rk:54:pf:0 Sorry for a late reply, we don't have such option at the moment but hey, check this post
  6. UPDATE: Turns out fans take part in the murals too! New York added:
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