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  1. 1. Be patient, we all are waiting for a reply from the label 2. Yest they know and yes they have seen every single error/issue/damage along with a decription and photos so they ARE aware what's going on. I'm talkign about the core management responsible for the HT20 release, not local folks who have no idea and are just sending copy-paste answers "you have the right to refund/exchange". So really no point of asking detailed questions because other than a refund (after you send them your box) I believe there is nothing they can do at the moment - again I'm talking about local people working at warner/or stores you have purchased the box in.
  2. Not a chance they'd do that! I purchased RTR copies at locat polish store and there was no problem getting a replacement. Again, they replaced RTR and it was just an issue with censored tracks that should not have been censored! We have an issue here with two songs but the switched dvd's are much worse problem at the moment and I believe they will send replacements. We just have to wait.
  3. IMHO doesn't matter if it's 10 or 200 people wit hthe faulty item. They surely should do something about it because this isn't $20 but $200!! Not to mention it's 20th anniversary dammit!!! Don;t get me wrong, maybe I misread what you meant. Of course we can talk about the issues like you said, in a polite manner but again, imho we shouldn't spam them. As I remember correctly, the Road To Revolution censored records issue was handled very proffesionally and as simple as they could handle such situation. However, people received a regular black issue, instead of splattered but this is still fine I'd say. MAYBE this thing could be handled in the same way? Send a proof of purchase and/or photos and you're done. Wait some time and receive a replacement items. Case closed. We will see!
  4. Just believe me they know, can't say more at this time but it would be better to just wait and see what can be done instead of bitching and escalating the anger further. They know and just let them decide what to do next. I don't think they will ignore this because at least switched DVDs are a big issue in such release. And before anyone asks, I got two copies (one for collection and one for scans and play) and I have the same exact problem you all have.
  5. I will update you all guys about the issues on the EU versions as soon as I get any info. And believe me they know about the problem. Stay tuned for the info!
  6. If anyone missed this, we now have everything scanned at LPC! Deluxe Boxset Vinyl Boxset CD
  7. a) Not every fan watches Mike's streams. Also Mike isn't the band. People want to see the band live, even for something simple as q&a b) Again, they're doing nothing at this time (touring? new album?) and believe me, I laughed hard when i read "getting the band together takes a lot of scheduling" You serious? Don't get me wrong but this is really funny to say about millionaires that can't afford (time and decent internet) to host a LIVE event. Also "they didn't have to do this" do what? Record a video and stream a show which is on the dvd while MAKING money out of it? Of course they didn't but this is easy money XD
  8. Remember Paparoach anniversary stream? I expected something like this (with answers on questions they asked for earlier - which i had no idea about too) This could be done easily, also talking about weak internet? Really? A multi-million band with such label and no internet connection to host such event? I call this bullshit.
  10. LP trying to get us evicted XD I'm already broke..
  11. I'll just leave this here: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. As I go through comments here and there, most fans I see talk about Chester's audtion tape and demos. OF COURSE it's all about the music BUT don't forget there are people involved in this (and always have been) What I'm trying to say is, apart from the music, which all of us would like to get and listen to ASAP, I would love to get a photo album just like MTM had (the deluxe coffee table book) with comments on how it was back then (and I know they still have some cool stories to tell) etc. PHOTOS, STORIES AND MUSIC.
  13. ICQ is a no go, i just checked. 246-357-457 does not exist. Ok so I think one of the next steps (or one of the very last) would be to repair corrupted music files using defraggler (because what other purpose for it there? hah)
  14. I think we now have all current releases, Austria based on matrix codes which signify Austria. Looking for someone to scan all this stuff for LPC. Getting Boxset apple splatter and japan CD DVD scans now and Chester Spotify tomorrow so everything besides that. anyone?!
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