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  1. I'm in line for DC but no dates there just yet?
  2. Based on how hyped they are about the album, the first song is gonna be very important so they really should take their time even to decide which one shall be the first single...
  3. It's like Mike couldn't resist using his usual drum samples
  4. I like Consequence A and Consequence B. Like a lot.
  5. Heck, even BJA and Serj Tankian worked with Avicii before; I really don't think this should be a concern for the LP fanbase (any more). Unless you're not being sarcastic then I apologize lolol
  6. I highly doubt the planning of 8BR dated back to 2008 though..
  7. Went to the Shanghai show in '09 and will see them again in '15. In terms of setlist, as long as ALITS is in the setlist, I'll be happy. Not really keeping my hopes up for Don't Stay or live debuts.
  8. I can have a full disc of instrumentals as long as they're on par with Pale. Since that is not going to happen..
  9. The download doesn't include these files; I guess it's for the official release
  10. Already have the song, clean&explicit, mp3&wav
  11. LOL the site is on, and this.. http://store.linkinpark.com/welcome-vinyl-presale.html l
  12. This has happened before. A.K.A. I'm neither hyped or pumped (for an ACTUAL new song).
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