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  1. Mostly likely yes. It can't be a coincidence that Mike says "sorry for now" in the lyrics. I remember hearing this clip for the first time awhile ago and being really excited for it. I'm hoping we get another track heard before May 19th
  2. Very interesting. I understand why they decided to not develop this one further. Even with the scat on the chorus, it doesn't seem like the direction they were going for with ATS.
  3. That was a pretty great interview. I'm glad that they are planning to share some studio updates on social media. It definitely will increase the hype for LP7 throughout the year.
  4. Can't wait to hear the full version of Chance of Rain. You know there was some serious effort put into it if it has Chester vocals on it lol!
  5. I remember seeing some footage of when LP was recording THP, Chester jokingly said something along the lines of "All I do is sleep and they wake me up when they need me to sing". It makes me believe that he wasn't able to fully contribute to the writing process as much as he usually does since he was doing a lot of extensive touring with STP at that time. Maybe this time around, Chester wants to contribute more to LP7 then he did to THP. I don't really see why there needs to be so much argument about it lol.
  6. If the collaboration was for a release on an LP album, I feel like we wouldn't be finding out about it until much later. LP has a reputation of keeping things like this a secret until the product is close to release. So since we know LP7 isn't coming until at least mid-2016, why would they be hinting towards the collaboration now? I don't think this Martin Garrix thing is for LP7. I think its probably for a Martin Garrix release.
  7. Here's my theory... LP usually keeps things like collaborations a secret until around the official release time. I believe that this will be for Martin Garrix's next album rather than LP7. We all know that the LP writing process can change directions at any time. They wouldn't hint at a collaboration on their own album this early in the process.
  8. Maybe its because there's nothing else for him to do, since the crowd is sitting in chairs for these shows. If I'm correct, he usually goes into the crowd for the second half of ITE.
  9. The music he played was probably what he was making on the plane. I don't think it's something to hype over, but it'll be cool if it ends up being a track on the next album.
  10. I don't expect any major setlist changes, unless they have to cut a bunch of songs due to the Chinese government. I'm pushing for KTTK though haha
  11. I hope that the next album has well written songs, regardless of it's instrumentation
  12. When a vocalist "screams" they are basically tearing their vocal chords. The reason why Chester has held back on singing aggressively live for the past years is probably because he needs to preserve his voice, due to the longer shows and of course, age.
  13. I don't think branding LP will take away anything musically from them, this is just an expansion of the name "Linkin Park". If anything, doing these kinds of things will bring more attention to the band in the future.
  14. This has to be a goof haha There's no way LP would release the song in that video. I don't believe that they would go out of their way to hire some random guy and write them a song like that, especially when they've said multiple times before that they can "spit out" this particular genre of music.
  15. Has anybody actually gotten a hold of the download, or was the link not real?
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