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    Good day ya'll Thought I'd start a threat again, since it's been a while since I posted something. Before I start ranting on about the setlist and songs that have been played way too often (imo): I like Linkin Park, and still curious to see what they come up with, and live they're really good however I do feel like certain songs just basically disolve the tension during a concert. For example: Burn It Down, this song has since Living Things become thé most regular played song in every show they've played but the song isn't that great (once again imo). I feel like that song has all the "Linkin Park" signatures (rapping, singing, raw singing, beats, guitar) but still I think it's way too oversung and overly produced. Plus people might be singing along loudly when they play it but other then clapping and singing most crowds don't really react to the song. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent, the famous ballad medley. It has a great composition, Chester's signature clean vocals and all and all a great build up to connect with the crowd, however I also feel like this has been done too many times. They're very good with coming up with all kinds of different mash-ups so I think it's time they come up with a new medley. (For example, medleys with more energetic songs.) Final Masquerade, the most MTM track on The Hunting Party. All and all it tackles a good subject and the melody is rather soothing but imo it's a track they've already made at least 15 times by now. And I get the whole it's-a-good-song-to-use-as-a-single idea but once again I think they can be much much MUCH more creative when it comes to making soothing songs + they're so much better at making energetic stuff then ballads. Thank you for the read and let me know what you think about their set! Peace!
  2. Why is it every time they have an electronic song or something similar it sounds just... weak O.O No disrespect to anyone who likes it but I like songs from them in which you hear a nice heavy guitar riff with some samples to amplify the overall sound, and then ofcourse Mike & Chester rapping & screaming, like Keys To The Kingdom, Wasteland, All For Nothing. Ofcourse they're both more then capable of doing more but I'm just not feeling this one...
  3. I hope whatever the band is doing with their styles, I hope Chester will keep using his strong vocals and not resort to singing gently all the time. I mean we all know he's cabable of so much more then singing ballads. Have to say tho.. Chester ain't as good as he was with holding long notes, even with just singing. In What I've Done, the final words of the second chorus nowadays he just sings "WhAAT I'VE DOOONE" for two seconds and then gasps for air as if those two seconds of singing completly emptied his lungs XD I hope the band will keep up their creativity and not think commercially anymore. Why the fuck should they? They've already made their millions so I hope they will keep expirimenting. I hope there will be some aggressiveness left in their sound.
  4. Hopefully they will not play the same set they've been playing for the last six months. I know debuting a new song is a loooooooooooooooot of work but I hate to see them play the same shit over and over and over and over again. Some songs I can really do without in the set.
  5. Indeed no matter what you do and no matter how well you preserve your voice: It will always mature somehow. In the old days of performing Chester indeed simply "screamed" most parts and was doing so for like 12 years before he even joined Linkin Park. And I believe he smoked quite a lot in those days and that does something to your voice too However I do believe that Chester is quite cabable of knowing what he can and can't do at the moment and I also believe that's how they create their set. I also think that if Chester is still cabable of doing the growls and screams but purely out of preservation of his voice he holds back at some parts which is quite understandable. But as he is a fry chord user when he warms up properly and does the right excercises with this voice then he should be able to get back to the sound his screaming had around 2003/2004. I would like to state that I'm not a vocal coach in anyway and that any of my statements are either purely my opinion or based on my experience as a vocalist. Who agrees that Chester should consult a vocal coach of some sort if he hasn't already?
  6. That is a good possibility, I hope for him he finds another way to not hold back because sometimes some parts of songs are not what they used to be. But ofcourse you this with every band and song being performed over the years.
  7. Hello everyone, I thought I'd start a topic about this since I haven't seen this subject to be discussed as often as I first thought. Chester has many vocal abilities and using those over the years if not maintained well can definetly lead to the loss of some of the abilities he has or had. In this topic I'm simply expressing my honest opinion based on what I hear of his voice over the years in studio envirement and live performances. It has been obvious to everyone that Chester has multiple "voices" in his voice. - His normal clean singing range which goes from fairly low to his high singing voice. - His raw tone of singing, such as in the chorus of "Runaway", "Crawling", "Easier To Run", etc. - His high screaming tone, such as the bridge of "One Step Closer", "By Myself", "APFMH", etc. - His growling tone, which he used a lot around 2003/2004 and probably most in songs like "QWERTY". Chester showed to be cabable of these techniques and he has been maintaining most of them to date. However I do noticed that from 2004 to present or at least I have the feeling that keeping up these "voices" almost every night has made him vomit back in the early days so I would take that as a sign that he wasn't excersising them with cause. However he has been keeping it up and I'm sure at least some consequenses came with that. Chester himself made it clear through his Twitter account that he has never under went any form of surgery to his vocal chords. This is to say the least more then impressive. Most singers his age and length of career either changed their technique or indeed had to undergo surgery. What is your opinion on this and how do you think Chester has been keeping this up? I'm curious about your opinions.
  8. In my opinion you can definetly tell that Chester's voice has evolved over the years. In his agressive way of singing he managed to keep up as good as he could but you can still tell that time has smoothend his rawness a little, which ofcourse is only logical but on some parts in live shows nowadays at least I can tell that can't be as agressive as he used to be. The bridge in "Faint" he just yells a bit, and he rarely screams "I WON'T BE IGNORED" anymore. Also, when they had Victimized/QWERTY in their set the screams weren't even close to how both songs originally sounded. In his clean singing however his range has increased and he can sing higher and still with enough power to make it through the sets. It would be smart for him to at some point consider seeing a vocal coach of some sort to help maintain and increase his vocal range even more.
  9. Holy shit this song is amazing! I guess Chester was right that when he said that most LP fans are going to shit their pants when this record drops!
  10. Can't wait to hear The Hunting Party! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one! XD

  11. Sorry for confusing everyone XD Where was the link again where you could listen to the radio broadcast of Zane Lowe?
  12. Um according to this explanation it will release 08:30 in the morning in London right? Then isn't it as i said only less then 8 hours away? sorry meant to quote someone else but it's gonna be released in the morning right?
  13. Soo in Europe, the song will premiere in about 8 hours now? Wondering if I should stay up or just set an alarm clock XD
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