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  1. if you zoom in the block notes...It's just me or i can read in the first horizontal line...Joe / Rob/ B...Brad?
  2. I can't find the video when they were on the stage during a LP concert, do you have it? i know that it's on you tube, i had seen it a lot of times
  3. Nice finding! You can listen a preview of the track at this link http://linkinpark.com/releases/linkin_park_underground/lpu_15 !
  4. https://www.facebook.com/LinkinParkUnderground/photos/a.453091606408.240057.61732126408/10153252539761409/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/LinkinParkUnderground/photos/a.10150583094086409.376456.61732126408/10153252541901409/?type=3&theater From the official Lp Underground's Facebook page.
  5. So something is moving for 2016, do you think that they will be on time?
  6. German fans................................so fucking lucky
  7. P.S guys i delete my recording 'cause i don't have the full show due to the time zone changing stuff. I have confidence in all the other guys that have recorded the full show in hd. I 've done my best
  8. Thank you ! I'm recommending your you tube channel on my fb page in order to allow all the fans that have missed the live show to see it
  9. You can cut the "a line in the sand" performance and then you can use almost every software to download video from you tube, they got the converter software in it from almost every type of file to mp3
  10. Chester's microphone with that scarf seem the Steven Tayler's one
  11. Thanks 😊 i was just asking if there is someone that started to record the show from the beginning because i've got to change my pc time zone to see it and the first song that i saw (and recorded) was the medley
  12. So...my live record will start in the middle of the ballad medley, anyone started with the opening song? P.S thank you again for the time zone info, grazie mille 😊
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