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  1. ATS anniversary is on September so they have small amount of time to figure out something
  2. I love this sentence "That's a good question. I think it'd be up to the band." It's exciting that they will return in the future : >
  3. Finally, everyone together! I hope this is beginning of "LP comeback route"
  4. Yeah, same. There's no CD on the site
  5. Man, I'm reading your post and thinking that LP comeback will be something really big. Exciting times ahead 😁
  6. You can find Jornada Del Muerto instrumental on reddit. I need the rest of them!
  7. Again Germany.. Again Netherlands Again France Again England Again Italy but there's no place for Poland, Portugal, Spain and other important for LP (and should be for Mike) places.. This is so bad.
  8. Woah, I didn't know that this version even exist
  9. Shit. Promise I Can't Keep is so amazing. Words, music, vocals
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