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  1. https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda19/20190325 Mike rapped High Voltage V1 + Chorus over the SFN bridge (after Dan's drum solo).
  2. I actually think this version is the best one. I'm glad that Garrix finally released it.
  3. I hear you. Staying positive today is tough. I watched a bunch of shows already but for some reason I can't bring myself to watch the Hollywood Bowl one.
  4. I'm going to do my best to celebrate Chester's life. Watch my favorite LP shows, listen to my favorite LP/Chester songs. etc. As weird as it sounds, I'm going to try and make Friday a happy day. I feel like that's the way he'd want us to remember him. It'll definitely be a tough one. Kind of crazy to think it's been a year already.
  5. The album is charting extremely well around the world, especially for a debut effort: No. 2 in Germany, No. 20 in the UK, it's probably going to enter at No. 16 in the U.S (according to HDD, the official Billboard chart should be posted on Tuesday), etc.
  6. Interesting to see he played keys on COG instead of guitar. This is the first time he's done that on the studio version right? RFMS, Ghosts and Make It Up As I Go sound great!
  7. Only got a chance to listen to the album in full once (listened to some of the new songs in random order a couple of times too), but so far so good! I have to say, this album has some of the best rapping Mike has ever done IMO. He goes HARD on some of these songs. Faves so far (new songs + previously released): Over Again, Running From My Shadow, Promises I Can't Keep, Ghosts, I.O.U, Can't Hear You Now. Also, I don't get the hate Lift Off is getting. I actually think it's a pretty good song
  8. This song definitely exceeded my expectations. Mike's verse are on point. Both the delivery and the lyrics showcase some of his best abilities. The chorus is super catchy, reminds me very much of OML. Considering the fact Ross Golan has writing credits, I wouldn't be surprised if it was written during the OML sessions. The ending is pretty cool. grandson's singing gets a little too weird for me at some point though lol. Overall, the song almost reaches PTEP level IMO.
  9. This. Plus Place To Start and Watching As I Fall. The beginning of the set is just epic. Have to disagree about SFN though, I actually thought he did a great job.
  10. Wow. What a day. It's so good to see Mike back on stage! The energy, the set, the new mashups, the performance, the emotion, everything was on point.
  11. Placing my bets for today's shows. KROQ Weenie Roast: 1. Place To Start (Transition Outro) 2. About You (Transition Intro) 3. Watching As I Fall 4. Welcome 5. Where'd You Go 6. Over Again 7. Crossing A Line 8. Remember The Name (Shortened (Mike's Verses Only)) Identity LA: 1. Place To Start (Transition Outro) 2. About You (Transition Intro) 3. It's Goin' Down 4. There They Go (Shortened (Mike's Verses Only)) 5. Watching As I Fall 6. Sorry For Now 7. Cigarettes (2015 Remix) 8. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 9. Roads Untraveled 10. Where'd You Go 11. New Song
  12. Running From My Shadow was added to the BMI database before Crossing A Line was released and I genuinely thought it was another dumb mistake on BMI's part. I stand corrected The tracklist looks pretty crazy. Especially the features on Lift Off.
  13. Mesck547

    STP Album

    The last time I can remember they posted they were in the studio with Chester was right after he broke his ankle. I don't think they ever finished it. I'm curious if any re-worked demos made their way to the new record.
  14. I'm guessing he's only going to play MS songs, RTN and possibly Where'd You Go for the festival shows, considering the time slot he's gonna have and the fact that the album is 16 songs. Headline shows are different case, though. Only doing a few verses from LP songs on some mashups/remixes (Believe Me with the WTCFM verse for example) makes sense to me. It looks like he wants to distant himself from LP and focus on his own music for now.
  15. Cambridge Analytica wanted you guys gone The new page seems to be doing pretty well so far.