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  1. One man show... I´m interest to see what he will play as solo...since some songs like Believe Me and Remember the Name... and others have features.
  2. Plus a new show was announced https://www.facebook.com/LinkinParkUnderground/photos/a.72886131408.82446.61732126408/10152964796336409/?type=1 One man show it says...
  3. Of course there is more... He would never release a song...go on Conan to perform it for absolute NO REASON! He has a plan...he is just making this to calm people down and then "surprise" us with the album by the end of the year!!!
  4. I don´t know man...you didn´t said any source...sorry if we can´t read minds my friend!!! I guess I wasn´t the only one confused!!! Chill...
  5. I agree with you in everything said Sir!!! B )
  6. I think LP is trying HARD to get away from the mainstream... They were for years the most popular rock band in the world...and now it seems that they want only the credibility of rock festivals and peers instead of spreading their music to a larger amount of people.
  7. I think LP should headline...but i do understand that LP has a huge respect for System of a Down!!!
  8. i´m pretty sure they´ve played Italy and Portugal this year already!!! Stop bitching about it... There are countries in South America that get ONE chance for each touring cycle.
  9. Dear Lord, People should stop mentioning ATS in every fucking thread!!! ATS is good? Yes it is...but is a HELL boring album to play live... This song is awesome and fill all the promisses Mike made.
  10. You´re not wrong...he totally didn´t get the word "badass"!!!
  11. Limp Bizkit is well known for "changing opinion" when it´s suitable to them... The best way to describe them is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY_y6eyNCbo Eminem made it for us... =)
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