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  1. I logged back into my account just to say that I lost my shit when I found out this was released. That is all.
  2. I thought it was hilarious how he played along with and even mentioned the 'Mike is dead' joke. Lol.
  3. Would be crazy if Mike came out of the closet with his Indie side project. Lol.
  4. Maybe he's just talking out of his ass.
  5. I think GATS might be their new set closer.
  6. I didn't realise what Rob was doing with the kick drum in this song until I put in my headphones. He's doing a lot of thrashy/hardcore stuff which is actually kinda of unusual for LP. I like it.
  7. https://twitter.com/ChesterBe/status/441480873813082113 Chester on Twitter said: "Ok... If you guys like GATS, you're all going to shit your pants when you hear the record!!" Oh god I'm gonna cream when this record comes out.
  8. I think you went a bit too far there...
  9. That awkward moment when that's my personal top 3 on LT. Lol.
  10. On what songs does Phoenix play the Cello? Any pro-shots of him playing the Cello live?
  11. This is probably the best idea LP has ever had for a live show in about ever.
  12. Wasn't the working title for Blackbirds called '6th String Song' ?
  13. The Mike Shinoda remix of Victimized is what I'm looking forward to most. :3
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