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  1. Here it is~ https://mega.nz/#!BlZDyJBS!U_-4-xBxnNXJzBMngkpYVCb36uZ0RmYV-dRLZ_xREHk
  2. Unfortunately YouTube just banned my account...So I create a new one, upload the video again
  3. Nope,earlier this year,on THP North American Tour they placed it at the encore(unluckily just three shows due to Chester's ankle broken),and last year at Download Festival('Hybrid Theory' in full)
  4. I was on the Shanghai show that night! Though wasn't at the front ,maybe next time~
  5. Hey this is my second topic on LPLive! You guys must have heard about the Beijing show's 'Star Ocean' during the medley, and that was truly a wonderful memory. Chester was in wet eyes after Leave Out All The Rest, saying this was the most beautiful scene he had ever seen. In honor of this great time and space, a Chinese fan on Baidu Linkin Bar named '希姆莱wn' made this video to record the moment. He mixed the Tencent webcast with fan footage, and it looks just awesome. So here's the original 1080p file to download here, since his video being banned on Youku (Chinese YouTube), he allowed fans to upload this video elsewhere. Hope you guys enjoy it! And wish LP could see this soon, please spread it with others!
  6. Oh shit my phone's recording sucks...Sorry guys maybe next time I could get a good quality tapeT_T
  7. My first LP show~I'll take the audio tape tomorrow night so guys stay tuned for my upload()
  8. Don't get much time for this...What a pity.
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