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  1. Am I the only one wondering about Ian? I mean his bass playing is the closest to the bands style.
  2. Guess the pandemic isn't so bad, every disbanded bands I know are making a comeback, and ex xero members are starting show themselves too, but I just want to know wtf happened to Ian hornbeck.
  3. It's not something new that Mike wanted to do something by himself, it's one of the reason breaking the habit turned out the way it did, he just wanted to do it but couldn't often changing styles to figure which one would be best, the mid West emo of xero or the raw chromatic guitars of nu metal, since its their second record they wouldn't want to risk it, just look at limp bizkit they basically did their version of mtm and everyone hated it, imagine if linkin park did something they wanted to do at that time.
  4. It's not because he doesn't like to talk about it, his job is to keep company material inside especially if you're signed to a colossal like Warner, he gives nods here and there but when people ask actual questions he just throws them off saying "I'll check my hard rive when I'm looking for stuff" or "I don't remember" bullshitttt a person like Mike not remembering? He knows everything but he's not at liberty to say, so at the time being this is where I get off.
  5. Mtm is their 3rd most streamed? I'm surprised its not ats, I can remember Alot of people not liking mtm even smosh took a shot at it in 2009 when ats came out "hey guys have you listened to the new Linkin Park CD yet? Theyyyyrreee sooo good now"
  6. Meteora 18th edition? Oh no why do I feel there won't be a box like HT20 when it's the 20th anniversary
  7. Listen, you spammed every random limewire demo names name you can find and slapped cassette to it, and giving random dates 1996 1997 1998 and someone had the common decency to remove spam, as for your question if you haven't figured it out yet all of these info's came out of Jeff Blue I can only assume you're trolling and not actually this dumb.
  8. No because you added 9 dif tapes when there is 1 unknown credible tape
  9. Then why talk about it? If its special to you and personal don't you think they would keep it a S E C R E T? @NJPLP I agree, Linkin Park will never get the same success as ht, most of the fans reminisce that album more then anything they've done, no need to deny it, no sugar coating it it's just how it is, and definitely they will release the demos later on.