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  1. Just as a note, There seemed to be some excessive filming for IOU last night in Chicago. Could be some live usage later in the future for it...
  2. I'm either going to be the happiest guy on my 14 hour flight tomorrow or the most miserable. hahaha edit: If anybody isn't going to use their priority 1 code I can guarantee that will make the 14 hour flight a tad better
  3. Any confirmation that they are picking their own singles? As late as Living Things Mike danced around the question with frustration at a listening party saying we should ask (a name I've forgotten) how they pick singles. The song name is badass and that's about it. Somebody mentioned it, sounds like a summer vibe song when I was in high school. I don't dial up an LP song for that. Would just bring up an radio station for something similar.
  4. Show was badass. The reworked instrumentals had Mike (Thanks for giving my wife a pick!) and I guessing a bit on the setlist. The faster paced Cigarettes and Kenji we're pretty sweet. Mike was definitely into Kenji and the end screaming of Cigarettes was intense. Show notes: A guy kept yelling "Take off your shirt" so Mike gave him an FM shirt Merch was being sold, vinyls were not, just a sign saying to to FM.com to order Joe and Brad were spotted there Mike gave the backstory to Devil's Drop acoustic loop (he told this story before somewhere)
  5. Ugh. Got the deluxe just because I'm a Mike Art whore. Will probably pick up a couple more with the inevitable price drops in a couple months. Better get a full album and another art show!
  6. There was one print from the show available from Joe. I think they sold out. His actual piece was numbered to 20 and the print was /200
  7. I was still a little salty that after 5 1iota LP events with 100% attendance, applying for tix immediately, I still didn't get picked. Sucks for those that got tickets though.
  8. LOL saw that. They responded and said they'd be going through today and tomorrow. Fingers crossed
  9. Blah, I'm still on the waitlist for tix. It's a little different from past 1iota events where you instantly got them. I'm guessing UIG and Wastelands. GATS was Mike's way of pushing a song out to everybody to show the true material versus poppier label selected songs. Wastelands > GATS in terms of label appeal.
  10. LAWL 103.9 is a little East of LA, but they play A7X type rock so it's not them. 98.7 is a little harder than KROQ so I don't think it's them either. They are definitely still salty about Foo Weenie Roast. Plot twist: Mike hires Stryker to DJ the LPFM Network
  11. Also of note, this odd intro is very similar to the Across the Line French demo. Jam, then intro. Not as dramatic, but very similar.
  12. My .02 on this being released so early in the process. Remember, they've been put under the gun on the last few albums about writing a specific lead single towards the end of the process. Sounds like they've got their shit together and are rolling with it. Just love the speed of this trick more than anything. It just keeps driving. I'm a bit exhausted jamming to it after 6 minutes only to start again.