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  1. Personally, any option except a 5-piece Fort Minor. Keep Fort Minor as Mike's solo outlet, and if he does continue FM, then allow him the freedom to integrate as much LP material as he wishes like the 2015/16 FM shows.
  2. July 16 2004, Third Encore
  3. DRAWING IN MY SKIN I GOT MYSELF A TATTOO Expanding on comments I've already made on the hook - there's no way that in their lyrics first approach, they actively came up with repeating the word Invisible. Rather, it feels like a symptom of producing a pop record. Invisible is really the only song where I can see this repetition being outright removed - in every other song the repetition is more integrated into the song structure, and when listening to each song in isolation it doesn't seem as noticeable. However, I'm concerned for how this album will sound when listened to in full - that every song is (more obviously) a variation on the same formula.
  4. The constant repeating of the song title in the lyrics is really starting to get to me. Invisible in particular doesn't need it - you could easily just have this section as an instrumental.
  5. RE Battle Symphony - were there other technical issues apart from the intro samples? I think Joe is playing these - no surprise that he is messing them up.
  6. Okay, this is primarily a structural suggestion rather than an absolute song suggestion (although it's close to what is realistically possible). In summary, the setlist structure is loosely Hard > Soft > Hard > Soft > Hard. This is trying to get away from the issue of the drawn out slower section of the set. I included some rotational song slots - it would be easy enough to turn this into distinct setlists instead. 01. Wake/The Requiem/other new intro (one of these or maybe rotating intros?) 02. Given Up 03. What I've Done (Distorted Remix Intro - please LP make this happen) 04. Rotation: Papercut/Points Of Authority/With You 05. Rotation: Lying From You/From The Inside/Somewhere I Belong 06. Bleed It Out --- 07. Battle Symphony 08. Roads Untraveled 09. Rotation: In Pieces/Burning In The Skies/Breaking The Habit 10. Invisible 11. Numb (long last note transition into...) 12. Heavy --- 13. No More Sorrow (Long Intro) 14. Mark The Graves 15. Waiting For The End (w/ or w/o Apaches Intro) 16. Final Masquerade --- 17. Burn It Down (Piano Version) 18. One More Light (Studio or Piano Version, whichever fits more) 19. Crawling (Piano Version) 20. In The End ------------------------------------- 21. (new song)/Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day (provided options for an additonal MTM song in the set) 22. By_Myslf 23. One Step Closer 24. Faint
  7. I'm getting somewhat of a Coldplay - Ghost Stories vibe from how I think this album cycle will pan out. That comment about not playing full sized shows leads me to think that the shows will be more stripped back, still with a full band setup, but perhaps a minimal stage design, and likely a lengthier slow/acoustic block in the set.
  8. I agree that it's too short. The song progression is really good but it's all too condensed.
  9. Looks like they had all the lyrics for Darker than Blood ready as the first line of the 2nd verse popped up during the BID intro. I wonder if they had lyrics for Robot Boy, and some poor person was waiting for vocals that never came?
  10. To clarify, my comment was in reference to what Mike was playing on guitar at the LA show, not the original sample.
  11. RE Dolla: I know it's not this, but it kept bugging me that I had heard something similar.
  12. New set of videos up courtesy of YouTube user Hybr1d7h3ory, including the full Castle of Glass/Kenji. EDIT: Also Believe Me, where it turns out Mike performed Ryu's verse.
  13. So is it FM feat. LP or LP covering FM? RTN was performed exactly as you'd expect, so no help in terms of what might be played at the FM show.
  14. I would like to imagine that Ryu/Tak removing Fort Minor references is out of respect for Mike, rather than in spite of. Fort Minor is an established framework for Mike to release new music; there's nothing to say he couldn't do a new album with a completely different set of guest artists. I feel like this would be a bit more clear cut if a collection of music had been released rather than a single track. It also seems really weird for there to be a Fort Minor show without plenty of new material... ... so pending any surprise guests, it'll be interesting to see what Mike performs solo. Hopefully he's had time to be creative with the older material, so we could see some alternate versions of tracks. RTN can clearly work as a single hybrid verse as demonstrated at LP shows (he may even just perform the 'Mike solo'). Believe Me doesn't really work in the same manner, so I think that's off the table. Petrified, In Stereo, Cigarettes, Kenji, and Slip Out the Back are all Mike only. Best chance of the first two. Where'd You Go & High Road work with guest vocals I'd rule out Right Now, Feel Like Home, Back Home, Red to Black From the mixtape and Special Edition - 100 Degrees, Be Somebody, There They Go could be options Linkin Park songs? The Nobody's Listening Green Lantern Remix would work. In Between seems like a good idea for backing track + MIke's vocals only. Everyone is probably wanting No Roads Left but it would feel really weird without LP. And for the obligatory joke idea: Loop the Points of Authority intro from 2008 and Mike raps all the verses that fit that beat
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