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  1. Shaping up to be a really good album especially considering how quickly it came together!
  2. Wish there was a cd but I can understand why there isn't.
  3. Usually live albums don't do much for me but this is definitely special. Glad they're releasing this and hope they continue to release more content.
  4. Damn, I hear you. Sorry to hear about everything. I have also had a rough year but I'm close enough that I figured what the hell? I wouldn't say there are bigger fans out there than us, we just liked LP in a different era is all. I'm going to sort of close a chapter in my life. It's going to be weird as hell not seeing Chester on the stage and I don't know that I'm ready for that so I was hoping to have a person who's been a fan for a long ass time go with me. You immediately came to mind. Take care, buddy. I hope things quickly improve for you.
  5. Geki, you should fly out. I have an extra ticket if you're interested bro. Would be epic watching the show with you lol If Geki isn't interested, this offer is valid for anyone else wanting to go. Please PM me but know that I am only selling a (1) ticket because a person in our group dropped out and I am only wanting face value. No bs, just watching an LP show with spraypaintninkpens. EDIT: Ticket sold! See you all there!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has no intention of going PMs me a presale code if at all possible.
  7. Geki, I agree with everything you're saying. I've got your back!
  8. They may do that but that doesn't mean they're going to do world tours again. It's going to be different. I can't believe there's so much denial here about that fact.
  9. If they do continue, I see them being more of a studio band who plays smaller shows from time to time. It won't be nearly the same.
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