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  1. Just watched the video using Google Cardboard, its looks even better using it ... Hopefully theres more than just one song
  2. Pez: http://www.iheartradio.com/cc-common/radio_app/index.html
  3. What We Don’t Know is awesome !
  4. Awesome headphones (BTW: How to resize image in BB Code ?)
  5. 1) Barbie Girl (Aqua cover) [Mike singing in pink suit with a big lollipop] 2) Trololo (Eduard Khil cover) [Phoenix singing] 3) Elektronik Supersonik (Zlad cover) [Whole band singing] 4) Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Ashley Cover) [At the end of the song chester scream "You've been Rick Rolled"]
  6. Mike's twitter: "sorry abt taking down blog update; wanted to rework a couple things. will repost later."
  7. FaiNt: Becouse meeting of isnt making of ...
  8. On the LPU X will be The Catalyst demo ?
  9. Why CD+DVD at Amazon cost $16.99 and at Linkinpark.com $24.99 ?
  10. Nice, i want 8-bit rebellion for Android too.
  11. I like it Have some radio premiere of it today ?
  12. Amazing, i realy love when chester sing "lift me up"
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