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    they hav never been to my cointry. thats y i hav never attented any .

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    bhopal , m.p , india
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    no doubt only LP<br />i only live 4 them.

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  1. HE Is a Dream theater Fanany new A7X DVD would melt his heart. btw has he uploaded ?
  2. Audio?he is looking for DVDs for tracde i think. i sent him a Message lets see what happens.
  3. Linkin Park Live @ Velez Sarsfield Stadium City: Buenos Aires, Argentina Date: October 7th, 2010 This video it's a sample extracted from the main tape recorded live from this show, the main video tape is MUCH BETTER quality than this sample who was reduced their video quality to upload it fast. The entire set was recorded in this quality and it's ready to begin to work with the edition of the DVD. (THE MASTER TAPE IS ONLY FOR TRADES, LEAVE MESSAGES IF YOU WISH TO HAVE THIS AMAZING NIGHT WITH FULL QUALITY) SAMPLE : Can anyone Trade and get this out.!
  4. for me it means, i should turn vegetarian.
  5. DAMN! I afraid about the conditions in india all ready! our government is best as SUCKING. We gonna be 25% more low then this. DAMN! I think this is the reason for LP not playing in most of the Countries in Asia other than Japan. China and Indonesia
  6. Not Sure about your english, but your posts are beautiful
  7. Do you think only SIB and FTI had story in it. It had a story and was kinda abstract and is hard to get in first watch.
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