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  1. Update: The 1st part of this video (rehearsal) is now released as LPU-TV http://lpunderground.com/news/149541
  2. btw, music vids was uploaded not by the band's management, it was made by VK's manager for the "stars' pages" - for example, he did the same for Coldplay's page. And that's why there's wrong video for Iridescent.
  3. Dylan Ely (@TheLoopStudios) said in Twitter that it's a surprise what song will be performed there... https://twitter.com/TheLoopStudios/status/269900439401684992
  4. right now on the main page: "you can think that i’m finished i have not begun". I hope you'll understand what I mean Fixed. Thanks.
  5. okay... here's the photo of my pass, that was taken right after I've recieved it from Adam. If needed, I can scan it. And here's the venue scheme (taken from festival's website) And one more thing... 88:04 mins.
  6. for Maxidrom festival, Moscow 10.06.2012 Some kind of advertisement: Fan-zone wristband scan: I'd add LPU M&G pass scan, but it's just like the others in the European tour - the only difference is the number, and there's already one scan on Rock Im Park's show page.
  7. Just as promised by Mike earlier, all of the LIVING THINGS instrumentals & acapellas have been released in iTunes. Download it all HERE. It has the same price as the album itself - $11.99. Tracklist: 1 Lost in the Echo (Instrumental) 3:25 2 In My Remains (Instrumental) 3:22 3 Burn It Down (Instrumental) 3:50 4 Lies Greed Misery (Instrumental) 2:26 5 I'll Be Gone (Instrumental) 3:32 6 Castle of Glass (Instrumental) 3:25 7 Victimized (Instrumental) 1:48 8 Roads Untraveled (Instrum
  8. It was me, I was trying to check, who can add a date with such a big band as LP - only management or anyone. As you can see there, I've labeled that "date" as fake and canceled.
  9. Everyone can create Last.FM event, so I bet it's fake dates.
  10. My photo specially for LPL: passes Security asked me to delete this pic form my camers, so I did it, but somehow later at home it was there. so, here it is. sorry for raindrops, it was like a waterfall there.
  11. Timur Bekmambetov, the director of "Abe Linkoln: the vampire hunter", is trying to teach them how to say on Russian "enough to drink our blood"Because "POWERLESS" will be in this movie
  12. According to the Maxidrom Festival's website (on Russian, sorry, here's translation by Google Translate), Linkin Park, as headliners of festival's first day, will play long set. It's duration, as site says, is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Probably, it will be the longest show that the band have ever played! Thoughts?
  13. I guess, they WILL play one more new song besides BID on European Tour, it will be the song that they'll release in 'Share to earn" - as you may know, it was moved from June, 1 to May, 25, maybe because of the tour? but of course they don't want to spoil it now on this open rehearsals.
  14. Red Square full show video in HD ProShot without MTV watermarks??? If so, I'll preorder at least digital version, even if my country is Narnia. But please - not reanimation stuff, it's not what I want to hear now.
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