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  1. It is in fact true, the Associated Press does not publish false information. The confirmation comes from the LA county Coroner's office. https://www.apnews.com/26dae09a4c5e4fcca98c2ee9909476bf/Linkin-Park-singer-Chester-Bennington-dies-at-41,-Los-Angeles-County-coroner-says
  2. The Associated Press is confirming. https://www.apnews.com/26dae09a4c5e4fcca98c2ee9909476bf/Linkin-Park-singer-Chester-Bennington-dies-at-41,-Los-Angeles-County-coroner-says
  3. I actually thought the video was fucking hilarious. Also I'm pretty sure that was the girl from Stranger Things. The video was intentionally made to be satirical and funny, and it definitely feels like it was influenced by Blood Dragon. It has the identical tone. Also Chester's face at the end when the girl starts flying is perfect.
  4. Really dig this song and the album as a whole I think they might have made my new favorite album
  5. I like primo more than the released song, it sounds more like the second half of the album does and more in line with the direction they were moving with ATS
  6. Yes and the point I was trying to make was that they shouldn't listen to their fan base as to what music they should make. They should really just make the music they want to. They will gain new fans that way. Mike even pointed out bands like the Stones and the Who, who are really just riding on classics. He made it clear they do't wanna be like that. He made it clear that music shouldn't be what "fans" want, the fans should follow the band and open their interests up. When you say there are so many genre's to choose from, I ask you this: Why is that a bad thing? It allows bands to
  7. I'd like to point out an interesting thing in this article and compare it with some fans on this site. Now you see how Mike is encouraging people to collaborate (which I feel is an excellent thing.) Some bands are doing it others aren't. Then look at the fans who are so, indiscriminately hateful towards anything and anyone other than their band and the nostalgic sound they only want from that band. You who complained about the Aoki collab, also hold this article up as brilliant and you're missing the point. You aren't understanding what he is saying. He is saying that rock can't and in
  8. Why does it matter exactly if they head into an EDM direction? Why does it matter if they head in any direction at all? Music itself is an art form, meaning it is flowing, evolving, changing, and growing. Restricting music to little boxes is useless and stupid. It makes it stale. Instead we have music that is evolving, that is changing, and you know what it's awesome. Without any kind of musical change we would still be listening to classical music, because no one would have taken the chance to branch out. We would never have Elvis, we wouldn't have Led Zeppelin, we wouldn't have The Ramo
  9. You can hear the effects more prominently on Chester
  10. There's an effect going on with Chester's voice. I think they have a slight auto-tune for it. But everyone else blended so well