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  1. Castle Of Glass Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out (Mashup) Ghosts Roads Untraveled Petrified Watching As I Fall Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go (Mashup) Welcome Crossing A Line Sorry For Now It's Goin' Down (The X-Ecutioners Song) Slip Out the Back Kenji Nothing Makes Sense Anymore Hold It Together In The End (Piano Version) About You Over Again/Papercut (Mashup) Make It Up As I Go Believe Me (2015 Version) Skin to Bone / Wretches and Kings (Mashup) Remember The Name Running From My Shadow
  2. i will be heading to Leeds on the Sunday can't wait !
  3. Brian Welch won't be performing sadly
  4. On my way to London now can't wait for the show !
  5. This sucks might go to London show instead
  6. Fallout (w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox) The Catalyst Talking To Myself Somewhere I Belong No More Sorrow Given Up Rebellion Lost In The Echo Wastelands Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; Wisdom Justice And Love Bridge; The Radiance Outro) Good Goodbye (Ext. Singalong Intro; Live Version) Waiting For The End ('Remember The Name' Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro) Final Masquerade Invisible (Rotate with Battle Symphony , Sorry For Now) Breaking The Habit One More Light Crawling (Piano Version) Leave Out All The Rest (2017 Version) New Divide Papercut One Step Closer ------------------------------------------------ Mr Hahn Solo Medley 2.0 Burn It Down Heavy In The End What I've Done Bleed It Out Faint
  7. 00 . Holding Company Intro 01 . Lost In The Echo 02 . From The Inside 03 . Papercut 04 . One Step Closer 05 . Given Up 06 . Rebellion 07 . Somewhere I Belong 08 . Wastelands 09 . Talking to Myself 10 . Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; 2017 Ending) 11 . Good Goodbye 12 . Waiting For The End (Remember The Name Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro) 13 . Breaking The Habit 14 . One More Light 15 . Invisible 16 . Burn It Down (Piano Version) 17 . Crawling (Piano Version) 18 . Leave Out All The Rest (2017 Version) 19 . Numb 20 . In The End -------------------------------------------------- 21 . Mr Hahn Solo Medley 22 . New Divide 23 . Heavy 24 . What I've Done 25 . Bleed It Out 26 . Faint
  8. Session Given Up Points Of Authority (Ext . Outro w/ There They Go Verse 1) Rebellion Lost In The Echo (2012 Intro w/ Holding Company Synth) New Divide A Line In The Sand (Keyboard Intro) From The Inside (Ext . Intro) Wastelands Castle Of Glass (Album Version) Nobody Can Save Me Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall Of Noise Outro) Final Masquerade Numb/Encore Breaking The Habit (Piano Outro) Burn It Down (Piano Version) Crawling (Piano Version) Heavy What I've Done Faint ------------------------------------------------ Mr Hahn Solo Medley By Myself (Reanimation Style) In The End Bleed It Out Papercut One Step Closer
  9. we will find out on Thursday at 7pm UK Time
  10. Hope they play Download Festival next year and Phoenix kind of hinted it to me on Thursday when i met him
  11. not sure if this the correct setlist http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/stone-temple-pilots/2016/norris-theatre-palos-verdes-performing-arts-palos-verdes-estates-ca-73f006f5.html
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