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  1. Ok listening now: (1) Nobody Can Save Me: - Sounds like a mix between a Peter Andre song and something from High School Musical. 4/10 (2) Good Goodbye: - The fact that it follows on from NCSM helps a lot... It's not a bad song tbh, but on a strong album it'd be a weak track. Still think it sounds like a Fort Minor song, which is a compliment actually. 6.5/10 (3) Talking To Myself: - This isn't too bad either to be fair, but again my standards are lowered all around. Sounds like they accidentally released a fan remix at parts, I reckon this will sound awesome live. It doesn't sound super m
  2. It seems many people react to the negativity by saying "oh you want them to go back to Hybrid Theory?!?!" - umm, no... Despite LP's albums after Meteora being "different" and obviously moving away from Nu Metal, they have at least been unique, experimental, and pushing boundaries. So it's really annoying to see people dismissing criticism as "oh the old LP is gone, stop moaning" - literally every album they've ever made is, *in my opinion* better than making a pop album with Justin Bieber song-writers. This album is what it is, it's mainstream and poppy and that was the plan all along. Fine
  3. Wasn't overly enthusiastic to download the leak but thought I'd give it a go, spent around 10 minutes trying to download the album but achieved nothing other than being bombarded by ads. I'm getting old... I'll listen tomorrow and keep my almost certainly negative opinions to myself I guess. Bring on the next album! (kidding... not really)
  4. I'm thinking about how my 14 year old self would react if I could go back 12 years and tell them that in 2017 I'd be describing Linkin Park's sound as "sort of generic and mainstream".
  5. It sounds like a Fort Minor song. If you had Kenna doing Chester's part, it'd be a solid FM track with features lol. Decent song. EDIT: was never a big Pusha T fan but I really like both his LP songs now, it works. Stormzy's verse is also really good in my opinion... I can get behind this kinda song, but... Heavy is just tooooooo basic. At least this song has some variation and wasn't written by Justin Bieber's ghostwriters.
  6. I'm not saying they should make nu metal again - Minutes to Midnight was great in my opibion - it obviously was a change from the first two albums but it was still LP, it was unique, it was original in many ways... The point is, it was an album that came about as a result of them thinking that they need to go into a new direction and they did just that. I'm all for changes and new sounds, I'm just questioning why they think the way to do this in 2017 is to work with the most mainstream of the mainstream. Don't get me wrong, I'm still hella positive for the album, I like all LP and that won
  7. This is my biggest issue: why, after all these years, being one of the most famous bands ever with all the fame in the world, would LP decide they need to make their most poppy album yet? I know talk is cheap and I'm not in that position, but if I were in their shoes, I imagine I'd be making whatever the hell I want to make... Not thinking "Oh that Justin Bieber's doing well in the charts, I wonder who writes his stuff". It just doesn't reflect well on a band like LP, who are known for being their own sound, their own genre, to be teaming up with people who should represent everything
  8. Just saying, I totally called this when Mike retweeted Stormzy, elabored elsewhere that it'd be a feature but... What do I win? http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12517&page=6&do=findComment&comment=272441
  9. Meh, better than Heavy, still generic and boring. I just find it strange that after all the fame, money, etc etc... What makes LP get together and decide to make the most mainstream album ever? I'd have thought that if I were a musician at that stage of my career, I'd be making whatever I want to make, regardless of how pop(ular) it is. Anyway... Also must suck that a single would leak just days after the first single's music video came out, not good.
  10. Track 1: Heavy Track 2: Heavy (extended version that has an actual proper intro)
  11. The song is growing on me I must say... It'll get rinsed on the radios, lots of views, lots of coverage, LP in the headlines again... I'm still positive for the album, I don't care what Mike says about the rest being similar to Heavy, I still think the album will have more than enough variation to be interesting.
  12. I love Linkin Park trying new things and I like every album they've ever made - my favourite will always be their old stuff but with every album since then, listening in full, I've appreciated and liked them for the most part. So new, different, risky, that's fine... But this just sounds like a really generic pop song. It sounds rushed, no intro, hardly any progression... I don't know what goes into deciding what should be a lead single but presumably the band considers this to be one of the better songs on the record? That kinda scares me... Then again, if this is just a lead single to appe
  13. The lyrics (just posted on Genius, tweeted by Linkin Park) sound... Pretty awful haha. Ok ok not gonna judge till I hear it but... So cliche