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  1. Seeing the rest of the band's first official public appearance since Chester's been gone will be really eerie.
  2. I think A Place For My Head will be played at Hell Fest. It's the least they could do for metalheads
  3. Radiohead rescheduled their show to Emirates Old Trafford. It's possible Linkin Park will do the same. Really gutting but I totally understand
  4. We heard what Linkin Park's attempt at mainstream was. I'm worried about what a mainstream Fort MInor attempt would be like. Welcome was sorta like that but without the drunk rapping vibe
  5. Most people here are hating Halfway Right Fuck all y'all I actually really loved this one. Personal favourite on the album
  6. Good review. I agree with everything you said
  7. Sharp Edges writing process went something like "How can we be Ed Sheeran"
  8. I usually get shat on by Linkin Park fans when I tell them that what they are writing now is downright awful. My influences come from bands that are insanely creative and talented, bands that have released new albums recently and I consider them masterpieces from start to finish and I love Linkin Park as well, but when they take a simple approach to something that should be special hurts inside. I'm a song writer too and I feel like if I had written most of these songs I wouldn't be proud of them. I would be proud of the One More Light song though
  9. I haven't listened to it and I don't plan on doing so until Friday. My friend told me almost every song has that annoying sampled 'clap' sound like it's some kid playing around with FL Studio or something, which is hilarious but hopefully not true. Linkin Park's potential is so high and I feel like this is a bad way to show it
  10. It could leak and there will be people that choose to listen to a very compressed version of the album but that's not me. I waited for THP to officially release despite it being out there. I enjoyed not knowing what to expect with all the songs that weren't singles
  11. I HOPE NOT. We've already heard 6 new songs from the new album of 10 songs. There's absolutely no surprise anymore. We even heard One More Light which was the most hyped song (in live version at least). I think it's a bad move and they showed us too much already. If Sharp Edges is played then we've only got 3 more songs to enjoy.
  12. Fuck you're absolutely right. Snoop Dogg nailed the impersonation.
  13. Lyric video and Music video are two things. Good Goodbye is getting a real one similar to Heavy. Hopefully it grows on me but I was really hoping for this one to be good in my own opinion
  14. That was an obvious joke. No I wouldn't prefer The Summoning, I could have easily said Foreword or something. What I'm trying to say is I'm not a fan of the song. I just can't see the appeal to it, I'm sorry. Linkin Park can do better than this
  15. This song is getting a music video. I just assumed it was a single, isn't that how it works?
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