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  1. This was the first album that I waited for the launch of. When I was a kid I just had the Meteora cassette that I listened to. I properly got into listening to music after MTM was released. All the puzzles and hype for this album were amazing. I still remember waiting for The Catalyst to debut on BBC radio, and being just amazed by it. Each song of this album is perfect, except for The Messenger, I just cannot get into that song. I think it doesn't belong on the album anyways, they just put it there because Brad loved it so much. I think the reaction to this album was way worse than that of OML. People just hated it for some reason. Maybe it got worse reactions because by the time OML released, a lot of people had just given up on the idea of Linkin Park making a HT/Meteora type album.
  2. Maybe the instrumental exists, but not the song? I mean they clearly made the instrumental but maybe didn't record the vocals over it and this video was just them goofing around not recording it?
  3. Were Mike and Chester's part in Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 recorded specifically for this song? Or were they separate songs incorporated into this one? This sounds more like a medley.
  4. It would be interesting to see Jeff Blue's perspective, and his take on how all of this happened. It'd be great if the band would clear up any misinformation from the book, if there is any, but I don't think they would do that. They usually avoid press like this.
  5. Proshot of Nobody's Listening with Xzibit. Any proshot with guests TBH.
  6. Crystal Method remix is different. You can find that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPVLsDRq8fQ
  7. If you mean Hybrid Theory EP, it was rereleased as the first LPU CD. You can easily find the reissue online.
  8. Can you provide the link for the boxset? I want to buy the CD, but I wish it had Demos instead of the B-sides. But I think I'll buy it anyway. Probably won't be able to get it before next year though.
  9. Just some remastered/unreleased early songs, new footage.... I mean wtf LP!
  10. It wasn't played in its entirety. You can listen to it in the video in the main post.
  11. Yeah I know there is digital bundle, I meant physical.
  12. Really wish there was a CD bundle. I want the Forgotten Demos CD but cannot afford the bundle.
  13. Hybrid Theory EP. LPU Rarities are the demo songs released over the years via LPU
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