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  1. Wow. So glad we are getting more stuff from Mike. Fun to see how the song evolved into what we heard.
  2. Wow, you guys just keep giving and giving. Thanks Felipe
  3. Really? That is what I loved. It was a really respectful gesture.
  4. God dammit. I didn't want to start my day getting emotional with this!
  5. SFNL14

    We Are Back!

    Wow finally. The site looks strange, but glad you guys are back!
  6. I think having a band gives Mike freedom, and he can experiment more. But those performances were unique themselves.
  7. I know they've always done that, but I just don't get why. At least make the volume low enough that she is audible. Other than that, holy shit what a performance!
  8. I was just listening to Make It Up As I Go from this show, and the playback started early. That really ruined the song for me. Throughout the whole song I just couldn't differentiate what part she was actually live and what parts were playback. It makes sense for Mike to have that, but K. Flay is a singer and IMO shouldn't rely on it so much that she barely distinguishable.
  9. Wow, both songs are so beautiful. Especially love Prove You Wrong.
  10. Wow, didn't realize its been 9 years since I joined. I joined around the time She Couldn't was released. Thank you guys for all these years.
  11. Watched the video on the LPL YouTube. This is the most beautiful concert so far!
  12. I still hadn't listened to the Asian recordings, so this is the first time I watched Mike perform with the band. Really amazing performance. The band kind of frees him to do his own thing so that makes it even better IMO. And though this is solo, I think LP can also perform like this in the future, if they want to stay just 5.
  13. If Chester wrote lyrics to this song, or at least sang them, why is Lemmy credited as a writer and not him?
  14. Holy shit! I always wondered why Chester wasn't on his album, since practically everybody was on it. And funny thing, I was recently listening to Slash's album at work a few days ago, and this song really stuck with me. I have been listening to it a lot lately, and to think that this is the one that Chester recorded is amazing!
  15. Edit: Or the videos shared in the message you quoted.
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