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  1. So it becomes easier to scroll because each heading can be collapsed.
  2. Holy shit this sounds so awesome. I hope this gets released soon.
  3. Oh this was the first album I had by Linkin Park on a cassette. It was a bootleg so side A has all songs till From The Inside, and side B had the last 3 and some Grey Daze songs which I didn't like at the time. I didn't even know what they were lol. This album literally introduced me to western rock music. All my music taste originated from this album. I didn't understand a single word on the album but still really really loved every single song on the album.
  4. And there goes my hope for My December Team Sleep remix. Anyway, its great we're getting new music. I'll take anything we're getting.
  5. I know there is a separate section for suggestions, but since this is here, might as well. Can you make the track lists collapsible? It will make the page shorter and easier to explore.
  6. I read the title and thought that LP is back 🤦🏽‍♂️
  7. Wow. The song sounded lovely. Is there any chance this will ever get released. Also is it common for so old and unknown songs to be featured like this?
  8. Is sharing of these songs allowed? If yes, can someone please share?
  9. Yeah agreed. I think Mark's vocals suit that song more.
  10. I meant avoiding something just because its mainstream.
  11. Is that really a thing? I thought that was only an internet meme.
  12. Yeah ☹️ Wish it had the new art though, but oh well. Also, why isn't there a CD bundle like the digital one???
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