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04.07.2011 - London, England - iTunes Festival

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17 out of 17. The last show of the Summer Tour has arrived... the band will be closing their run of shows this summer in London, England by playing the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse. While LP has played a lot of venues in London, they've never played the Roundhouse.... an old train engine shed that has been converted into a music venue. Although it was renovated a few times over the years, the original structure was built in 1846. Wow! Only holding a few thousand people, tickets for this performance have been hard to get. Through iTunes giving out tickets to Music For Relief doing auctions it seems like most LP fans that wanted to attend have been given the opportunity to do so.


An interesting note I'd like to point out here is that Linkin Park has closed several tours in England, most recently being the two London shows in 2010 (show pages here and here, show threads here and here).


One awesome thing about that second London show is how the band saw feedback here about changing the setlist on the tour and debuted 'From The Inside' on that leg!



Mike recently posted on LP.com that the show will be streamed live and that the band has a surprise for us. We'll make a post-tour thread discussing the entire tour but for now we'd like the discussion to include speculation on what the band will be playing. So what could it be? A collaboration? An old song? What do you think?


Who is headed to London for the Roundhouse show? Is anyone meeting the band? Is everyone ready for an LPLive Skype chat during the webcast who's not going? I can see a lot of discussions about the ticket situation regarding the show here. Neon Trees is playing before LP at this show.


For a short 2011 Summer Tour recap of the setlists, etc, click here. After this show, LP takes another break for about two months before playing the August 31 "surprise" show at a small venue in Los Angeles. After that, they play 11 shows in Asia in September. A great thing that I should point out is that during Mike's recent surprise LPU chat, he said they actually didn't know what was after the Asia Tour but he said that the band wants to write new music for a few months and then tour for a few months. That might mean another US tour or maybe more shows in December or January. We'll see though...


For now, bring on the last show!


EDIT: LPLive Skype chat during the show!

Copy and paste the following line into your browser after installing Skype and logging in:



You can join the chat directly without having to add someone to your contact list, etc. The old chat from the KROQ show is closed and this is the one we will use from now on. Come one, come all!



01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I’ve Done

06. Empty Spaces

07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow

09. Jornada Del Muerto

10. Waiting For The End

11. Burning In The Skies

12. Numb

13. The Radiance

14. Breaking The Habit

15. Fallout

16. The Catalyst

17. Crawling

18. Faint

19. One Step Closer


20. Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover; Piano Version)

21. Wisdom, Justice, And Love

22. Iridescent

23. New Divide

24. In The End

25. Bleed It Out


Watch the full show on demand on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/ifFlf7

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I would like to announce the release of new album (although the ATS is best for me), but do not report it at concerts. And certainly not at festivals. Most likely it will be playing a completely new song or some older song, I Think.

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No matter what the surprise is, people are going to bitch about it either way. :P

100% agree. Sorry for saying so but Mike shouldn't have said that. I think it was also a big mistake that he said that they MAYBE bring back "With You".

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Click on the question mark in the menu and choose the tenth option. I don't know the expression in the English version, in Germany it is "nach Updates suchen"

i found it, thanks. i can't believe i didn't find that earlier
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