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  1. This is a fucking joke, is this an European tour or a German tour with bonus dates in other places? 9 shows there and 0 shows in places like Spain, Italy, Portugal... How many more years do we have to wait? I don't have the money to travel to another country just for an hour and a half of music. What pisses me off the most is not that I don't get to see them (again), it's the fact that a lot of people in Germany get to see them multiple times while a lot of us get nothing, it's not fair. Talk whatever you like about promoters and sales and tickets and profit but for us fans it's just not
  2. I haven't been this excited about a Linkin Park album since Minutes to Midnight, it feels great to feel like this again. I can't wait to hear it, bring the heaviness LP!
  3. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS MIRACLE System is my favorite band of all time, having Daron on the album is beyond my craziest dreams, I am so happy about this. Honestly I've had a smile on my face literally all day since I heard the news, I can't wait for this!!!
  4. why they keep playing New Divide is something I'll never understand
  5. I REALLY hope they do this in a european tour since they didn't really do one for LT... holy fuck
  6. I think Linkin Park have started doing what they tried to avoid doing after making Meteora. I'm not saying electronic music sounds the same or anything like that, but I'm starting to get a bit tired of seeing them without their actual instruments. I'd challenge them to make an album the 6 of them in a room, with real instruments in their hands, make it sound like a real band. I still love Linkin Park to death but with a lot of songs it's starting to feel like Mike Shinoda feat Chester, Brad, Rob, Phoenix and Joe rather than LP.
  7. No one saw that coming! Shocking news in a very good way, I've listened to them a few times but never really got into them, now's the perfect time
  8. thanks for the work man, I've been looking for some of the old videos
  9. They should release a nice live Blu-Ray instead of buying the album again but I'll buy it anyway so...
  10. Live version of BIO in studio wouldn't sound as good as it does live, I'd rather have the "short" studio version
  11. Whatever it's in it, it's gonna be good
  12. Why the hell they keep playing the LFY/Papercut "mashup"? It's just about 3 more minutes of show, they really don't have time for 3 more minutes in the set?
  13. Nice set, I like 'With You' as an opener, but I was hoping they'd play more new songs, and what's up with those mashups? I can't wait to listen to the DSP and watch videos But people please. Everytime 'Empty Spaces' is listed as a song on a setlist a cute kitty dies Edit: Nice to see it's not listed on the actual setlist
  14. The stage is gonna explode when they play that mashup!
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