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  1. Does a proshot of the Identity LA show exist anywhere? All I seem to find are peoples terrible phone recordings.
  2. I felt like the whole thing was just far too awkward, especially with Mike & Ken's interaction. It would have been better with James Corden and even a full band setup. I like Chester's enthusiasm as always with stuff like this. As for Joe, well he was just being Joe. It's a shame because it could have been so much better, without Ken too. Chester talking about his kids like that a week before he passed away was pretty sad too. But shoutout to Talinda for letting it happen.
  3. I have a pick from this tour from London 02 - Chester's from Battle Symphony.
  4. Just got back home from the show and I have to say, I feel like that's the best performance I've seen the band do. There was a perfect mix of old and new. The set length was great. Just a little side note to what I posted on your facebook page - there were A LOT of cameras there tonight filming, on stage, dipping and diving between the band members so perhaps a DVD is coming? Either that or they were just filming for the big screens either side of the stage for the audience that were seated. I also caught Chester's pick that he threw after playing guitar for Battle Symphony. The new
  5. Also Stormzy coming in a whole verse and chorus early ha!
  6. I just still can't get over that scream of "I do" in the OML track on Kimmel.
  7. Never seen Rob talk so much. This is actually a pretty funny watch!
  8. Chester's build up part's just scream Steve Aoki to me which is just so frustrating.
  9. Certainly going. Just can't decide which venue to pick!
  10. I have very mixed feelings and thoughts on this album cycle. With the style of the photoshoots they've been doing and the big Kerrang interview that has been released lately, what I gathered from it was that I felt like it was going to be a MTM Pt 2 album, but created in a much shorter space of time than it took to create between Meteora and MTM. I love MTM as an album. It's now starting to look like a Living Things Pt2 in terms of style and production. I agree with a lot of people talking about the quality and structure of the songs on ATS which is a stunning album, they could have at le
  11. I feel like this should be part of the old school Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack.
  12. I've managed to get my hands on a copy of TRT so I'll check and see if it's numbered when it arrives.
  13. I wonder if there will be anyway to get a copy of TRT in Europe/UK?