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  1. Does a proshot of the Identity LA show exist anywhere? All I seem to find are peoples terrible phone recordings.
  2. I felt like the whole thing was just far too awkward, especially with Mike & Ken's interaction. It would have been better with James Corden and even a full band setup. I like Chester's enthusiasm as always with stuff like this. As for Joe, well he was just being Joe. It's a shame because it could have been so much better, without Ken too. Chester talking about his kids like that a week before he passed away was pretty sad too. But shoutout to Talinda for letting it happen.
  3. I have a pick from this tour from London 02 - Chester's from Battle Symphony.
  4. Just got back home from the show and I have to say, I feel like that's the best performance I've seen the band do. There was a perfect mix of old and new. The set length was great. Just a little side note to what I posted on your facebook page - there were A LOT of cameras there tonight filming, on stage, dipping and diving between the band members so perhaps a DVD is coming? Either that or they were just filming for the big screens either side of the stage for the audience that were seated. I also caught Chester's pick that he threw after playing guitar for Battle Symphony. The new
  5. Also Stormzy coming in a whole verse and chorus early ha!
  6. I just still can't get over that scream of "I do" in the OML track on Kimmel.
  7. Never seen Rob talk so much. This is actually a pretty funny watch!
  8. Chester's build up part's just scream Steve Aoki to me which is just so frustrating.
  9. Certainly going. Just can't decide which venue to pick!
  10. I have very mixed feelings and thoughts on this album cycle. With the style of the photoshoots they've been doing and the big Kerrang interview that has been released lately, what I gathered from it was that I felt like it was going to be a MTM Pt 2 album, but created in a much shorter space of time than it took to create between Meteora and MTM. I love MTM as an album. It's now starting to look like a Living Things Pt2 in terms of style and production. I agree with a lot of people talking about the quality and structure of the songs on ATS which is a stunning album, they could have at le
  11. I feel like this should be part of the old school Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack.
  12. I've managed to get my hands on a copy of TRT so I'll check and see if it's numbered when it arrives.
  13. I wonder if there will be anyway to get a copy of TRT in Europe/UK?
  14. I might have to pick up a copy of Reanimation as mine is super scratched. It's a shame because I bought an original copy and now there will be new presses of this and decrease the value of the original.
  15. I'm pretty sure this is the same groove used in The Catalyst but sped up.
  16. Would genuinely like to see this. Hope we can get it for a download soon.
  17. I couldn't get a standing ticket for the Manchester gig or for the first night at the 02 either. I managed to get a standing ticket for the second night at the 02 in London. Cannot wait. The atmosphere in that place will be unreal compared to Manchester arena.
  18. Thinking about it, I agree with this somewhat. It was a very weird first act. I felt lost...
  19. You must have been pretty close to me then. I was on the corner at the front!
  20. Agreed. I was at the front too and my ribs, legs and arms are so sore it's unbelievable. I literally didn't move for 12 hours solid. I couldn't even jump about for any LP songs.
  21. Genuinely can't get them to upload. I'll slowly start putting them on my Instagram - NickRadjabi