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  1. i'm all good, happy i have a small piece of the anniversary
  2. Some years ago, via asking on here incessantly, I acquired three original sketches that Mike did for the Hybrid Theory cover. They were done by Mike in pencil and sharpie, and autographed by him. I've loved these since I received them from a member on here (nkramar). 6 months ago or maybe a little more, I had contacted some people at WMG and showed them my pieces. They asked if they could use their images for a project they're working on and I obliged of course. Fast forward to now, I got the 20th anniversary box set and I'm looking through the book and my images of Mike's sketches are in there! Then yesterday, I'm looking through the new merch online and I come across a cool shirt, and I recognize the images, and they made all 3 on a shirt! lol Best part is, they say in that for the shirt "Black body featuring LP HT:20 logo icons on the front left chest and a collage of Mike Shinoda’s sketches from the vault." Sooo, I guess I'm the vault?! lol Either way, it's cool owning something that has recently made known and is now out there.
  3. he should do something like he did with Welcome
  4. https://m.community.com/cLr4l7p5Olc2TsZ
  5. love the intro and the beats rapping sounds great, the singing- i need to listen to more
  6. There's a big chance it'll be released. Why would he be doing all of this with community involvement only to keep the track to himself? Mike always has a reason for everything he does.
  7. hey guys can we get an update to the Wiki plectrum guide page?
  8. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/happenings/18865d7d08896cc7/index.html https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/news/b973bd1a1809ef95/index.html
  9. if this has been released officially can we get the link to listen?
  10. is there somewhere i can download these two tracks?
  11. awesome thanks really curious what he's using now also can we get the OML tour picks added?
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