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  1. So much important words. Thanks for what you are doing. This is one of Chester's legacies - humanity.
  2. Thanks for your emotional response. I appreciate it so much. Particular in these troubled times. I first saw LP in Prague (with M&G). The last time I saw LP in Prague, in my birthplace. The circle is closed...
  3. This show is recorded by me. I wanted it publish after many years. Although not have much related to Chester, I decided it publish in his honor right now. Thanks to Chester, I know the Julien-K, great band with unique sound. Thanks for everything. Thanks for your whole life, my friend. https://mega.nz/#!EjRijJ6R!ktjPr6Cv5luS3_vV7Whqz0E2RFStKj62LW79BvHgKN8
  4. Beautiful and moving speech. Thank you.
  5. Amazing work! Thank you so much! Incredible surprise... Thanks!
  6. This is it? http://www.imghosting.cz/images/27P9047900.jpg
  7. Nice cover! Please, Blanka in English is what? Im excited, because Blanka in Czech language is female first name, name of Prague tunnel complex, and other. And in 2008 LP had one show in Czech Rep (Brno).
  8. Yeaaah! Europe 2014 Part 2. I hope in Czech Rep., but Germany sufficient. Ideally both and much more.
  9. The same problem. Like a old and broken radio station...
  10. http://www.dasding.de/rock-am-ring/Livestream/-/id=698062/nid=698062/did=857740/zgd2e1/index.html http://www.ringrocker.com/rock-am-ring-livestream.php Both links does not work: "No playable sources found." ... however it works when you turn off the AdBlock etc.
  11. Yes, I know, I saw it, but only golden circle etc. I was on the central tribune and no one there would not rise. All guys sat there in silence. Who stood up, he was sitting on by others. And... same situation in Germany, in Czech: all people at all tribunes we standing screaming and singing. Thats all. This time I stand (płyta).
  12. According which news? Source? 30k? Really? I hope that they will be more energetic than crowd (whole crowd!) in Warsaw 2012. And louder sound. PS: Nice flag, thumbs up. Tomorow, yeah! Europe!
  13. Me too. Totally awesome! Favourite one.
  14. Anyone have audio record from this show? Maybe rip track by track from the video?
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