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  1. Yeah, 35$ for a basic ass T-Shirt, how about no. These prices are ridiculous.
  2. Man, that LOATR Version breaks my heart every time. I remember attending the Aerodrome Festival show in Prague, in June. When the tour started, I didn't watch any videos from the shows because I didn't want to spoil myself. I just read that there is a new version of the song. So then, after OML already brought me tears, this came on and it was just an incredible moment. I always loved the demo version, Fear, with Mike singing it, and once the intro came on I was in some kind of shock. It hit me like a train. It's something I will never forget, a truly precious moment. This whole section of songs, with Somewhere I Belong up next, was easily one of the most emotional things I have experienced, ever. Maybe not from an objective point of view, but for myself. Thankful for that.
  3. Wow, that was an absolutely incredible show. The crowd was top-notch and you could feel how much the band appreciated that, they were just overflowing with joy and just had so much fun, really special. My expectations were quite low because of the record but the songs work pretty well the way they are implemented into the set right now (although they shouldn't open the show with a new song, not on a festival tour at least), also the crowd response was better than expected, most people knew at least the chorus of almost each song. One More Light is - as expected - incredibly emotional and I couldn't help but shed a few tears and that doesn't happen too often. Mike dedicated it to his uncle Kenji that passed away recently, btw. All in all this show exceeded all my expectations by far, I would even consider putting it in my Top 3 LP-shows ever.
  4. LPU-only club show, max. 1000 people. HT in full, plus a poll for the rest of the set. Would be perfect.
  5. Isn't Daniel from China or something? And there defo are asian people talking on that video so it's probably only working for them
  6. They're already at POA. https://instagram.com/p/5mS1OPHxf4/
  7. Since Mark mentioned the show, listen to the scream at 3:30. That is just fucking demonic! Insane! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUfY5xX76j0 Was my first concert ever, by the way, and still the best LP show I have ever seen. Absolutely phenomenal atmosphere.
  8. I am really wondering how this is bringing in Samsung any sort of profit. I am sure no one is like "Oh look they are going to stream this concert, let's buy the TV you need to watch it!", so what's the sense behind it?
  9. So, after being at the show in Leipzig yesterday, here's my point of view: In advance, I only have seen the Rock am Ring show in full, no Carnivores or Brazil show. In my opinion, this Set is one of the best they have ever done. Let me tell you why: 1: The shortened songs - I was really nervous before the show, thinking of how all this shortened stuff may appeal live. All in all, I have to say I liked it. The tempo is just so much higher and everything blends really well, especially in the encore. Honestly, I have seen Crawling and New Divide that often, I don't really have to hear the whole song again. And the live-version of Until It's Gone definitely makes the song better, since the studio version is pretty repetitve with the 2 verses sounding nearly the same. But I dislike two things: Papercut (we all know how awesome this song is and that it should not be shortened in any way) and Lost In The Echo (that one is just too short, it doesn't make sense without a bridge). I would say Runaway is too short, too, but because it blends really well with Wastelands, I liked it. 2: The Ballad Medley - I honestly don't get all the hate towards this beauty. I would take this over any of these three songs in full any day. It is really well arranged, normally these three songs would have me getting bored but this just keeps 'em fresh. Also, the light show is perfectly synced to SOTD and Iridescent, absolutey stunning. 3. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version) - To argue about this, you have to see it live. The moment when Mike is like "You guys ready? 3-2-1" and the bass kicks in is just priceless. Just like the Ballad Medley, I normally dislike the song because it's too poppy and not "raw" enough, but this keeps things interesting. 4. The ATS pieces - I absolutely loved A Thousand Suns and the whole concept about it, the speeches by Oppenheimer and King still give me chills, so it had me amazed how well they built all these small parts of the album into the set. Blackout Intro, Robot Boy Intro, WJL and Radiance over COG (which is another reason why I love this version), Catalyst over BIO, fucking awesome! I understand they don't want or can't play all these songs in full, but this is a great compromise for all the fans of the album. They will recognize every single bit and they will love it. 5. The solos - I have seen videos of Joe's solo and was like "meh". But yesterday, my god was that awesome. The bass was really kicking and everything, man I honestly don't have the words to describe it. Loved Mike's solo, too, another bit for the ATS fans with W&K, and Remember The Name was awesome, too. Rob's solo is pretty much the same since years but it gets me everytime. These three are just geniune and I think they should stick to the whole solos thing. All in all, of the five times I have seen the guys, this is definitely in the Top 3, maybe even Top 2. They definitely were on fire, you could see they had lots of fun and were pleased by the crowd. Even Brad, who is known for doing nearly nothing on stage was moving around, encouraging the crowd. Fun fact: Mike got a soap bubble machine from someone in the crowd, he was like "Can you give it to me? I like bubbles, man" and then moving around having fun with it
  10. Source for Set B in Hamburg? Can't find anything. Anyway, also going and hoping for Set B. Will be awesome either way
  11. Do you got a list with the dates or something? This really annoys me, haven't heard anything about that before and I've been dying to see LP in Germany again...
  12. God this makes me remember the Catalyst premier back in the day, that was some magic shit... Can't believe it's already been 4 years!
  13. That was not a public show, you had to win the tickets.
  14. Seriously, I will be deeply disappointed if they won't release some german headline shows, it's been 3 years!
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