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  1. It's also exclusivity, the idea that everyone listens to the LP version and you are one of the few that knows about a demo version gave a 13 y/o me a false sense of superiority.
  2. ITE was pretty popular back in the day. I'm referring to the LP version, not the demo.
  3. Back in my hipster days i only listened to the demo because of how mainstream the song was. Nice to have this remastered and it really sounds great.
  4. I mean both can be overpriced? Value is obviously subjective, I'm sure there were people who thought that the TL box set was decent value, personally I was hoping for some more legit new stuff no one has seen/heard of. That is obviously asking a lot after 20 years since most of the content leaked some way or another by now. It's just that $200 is a lot for polished rehashed content IMO. Not judging you for thinking it's reasonable.
  5. Isn't this a bit of a cash grab? I mean does it add enough value to warrant the price?
  6. Don't mean exactly like this, more tonally. And ironically, the EDM pop garbage that was much of OML was also outdated since that shit went out of favour in 2014-ish.
  7. When they said that they were going for a more poppy sound on OML, this and My December was what I hoped they would gravitate towards. Still have no idea what they were thinking on that record. Really nice to have a good mix of this song.
  8. I'm not a production expert, but it feels like the was produced by Imagine Dragons... sounds so loud and compressed. On the music, nothing feels like it's an improvement on the originals. Some decent songs, but nothing that I want to listen to again. I don't mind the name change of The Down Syndrome, but I always liked the line "... that smile on your face seems it seems happy. Are you happy?". I'm not sure if I read too much into it, but isn't it a reference to down syndrome people? They have this semi-imprinted smile on their face that makes them always look happy.
  9. I'm still baffled by how bad OML was. The direction they took was weird, basically a sound that left the charts 3 years prior, but that's fine if that's what you want to do. The main problem is the output was generic and bland with some of the worst features I've heard in a long time. Those Stormzy bars sounded like something he pulled out of his ass 5 mins before recording and were so out of place. Even though there are a few bright spots, I have not listened to most this album since release and I won't ever again. If you are going to change direction, do so boldly, don't make some generic forgettable excuse of an album.
  10. actually liked quite a few of their songs back in the day, will def check this out. will be nice to hear some OG Chester and forget the awfulness that was One More Light
  11. haven't listened to OML since it's release given how bad the album was on my first listen, gave it another go to see if anything has changed. good grief is it a bad album, I actually thought that THP was pretty damn decent barring a few tracks and that the band was moving in a decent direction... but hot damn OML is really bad. The main issue with a sound change is that you alienate a large portion of your 'old' fans in search of new ones. LP's sound change was gradual, all the albums after Meteora felt like a mixture of old and different, but OML was the fist album where they went all out different. I was actually quite excited when they were talking about a more pop-like record as i like their slower songs, but what i got was some EDM/pop/rap fusion that sounds like garbage top40 overproduced trash. I just can't understand how these veterans, especially with how talented Mike is, could not muster anything more interesting and unique than this...
  12. sucks being honest on a forum full of fanboys. claiming a review is subjective is the same as saying the review is biased. subjectivity has no place in reviews as it allows personal views to dictate the direction of your conclusion. Taste is subjective, and sure some subjectivity is allowed when reviewing, but you have to be overwhelmingly objective when your review is not just personal. Based on reviews for OML, the vast majority consensus is that it's not a very good album. average at best. it's one of their worst reviewed album to date, i'm sorry that this seems to be hard to digest for some of you but facts are facts. if we do not critically evaluate what we consume, we are no better than sheep.
  13. Making something that has personal significance or sentimental value doesn't make it immune to criticism. Should we just hand every album a gold star because doing otherwise could hurt the artist's feelings? OML wasn't a very good album, regardless of whether you enjoyed it or not. That's just a fact.
  14. i ain't judging, obviously you got to be facing some heavy shit to go that far, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a very selfish act
  15. i know depression is a beast as my dad has been suffering from clinical depression for the better part of 4 decades, but this is such a selfish thing to do... the guy has 6 kids, some of them still very young. Suicide's biggest impact is on the ones the remain, not the person committing it.
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