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  1. Its great. Thanks dude, anyway. I need that into mp3, because I uploading it on vk.com, this social network accepts only mp3 format.
  2. thanks, man. But I need to have mp3. Can anyone make mp3 rip ?
  3. Can someone make rip mp3 from this source? @Stranger, friend. maybe you?! ☺️😏😎 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL7I2Xta8DIirUOLIPeBkVuIF1j93SncX
  4. Its great, best source at this moment. Thanks again. Uploaded this show in our vk.com/lplive group. Here link: https://vk.com/audio?z=audio_playlist-31039963_85284593
  5. Thank you, man. From what source did you make audio rip?!
  6. Can someone make rip mp3 from this video on YouTube?! https://youtu.be/IDpIpuXWePM
  7. Yes, but file is damaged, when I tried to unpack it. Can you please try to download it and unpack?! I dunno what is it. upd: its okay, I downloaded this show from another PC.
  8. 01. Sharp Edges 10/10 02. One More Light 09/10 03. Halfway Right 9/10 04. Sorry For Now 9/10 05. Nobody Can Save Me 8/10 06. Talking to Myself 8/10 07. Invisible 7/10 08. Good Goodbye 6/10 09. Battle Symphony 6/10 10. Heavy 5/10
  9. OML was epic. I think it will be the best LP ballad of all time.
  10. One song (wastelands) from THP ? WTF ? not include "War" like an outro
  11. New linkin park design emblems and logos made by Brandon Rike for the upcomming album One More Light
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