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  1. can someone upload all these photos from instagram to here in this topic ?
  2. Uploaded this show to our page in https://vk.com/lplive for easy listening via VK player.
  3. 01. Sharp Edges 10/10 02. One More Light 09/10 03. Halfway Right 9/10 04. Sorry For Now 9/10 05. Nobody Can Save Me 8/10 06. Talking to Myself 8/10 07. Invisible 7/10 08. Good Goodbye 6/10 09. Battle Symphony 6/10 10. Heavy 5/10
  4. OML was epic. I think it will be the best LP ballad of all time.
  5. One song (wastelands) from THP ? WTF ? not include "War" like an outro
  6. New linkin park design emblems and logos made by Brandon Rike for the upcomming album One More Light
  7. I've heard about it a couple days ago,also was released another one remix by song "A Light That Never Comes", which was created by "The Maniac Agenda" (you can listen it for free here: http://www.maniacmusic.net/music) They are released full " The Maniac Agenda's Remix Album" I dunno, can we consider these two remixes are official ?!
  8. On these pages doesnt work links to previous shows. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2001/20010108 http://lplive.net/shows/db/2001/20010116
  9. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2015/20150827 Source 2: Video - AUD (Nikon COOLPIX P600) Location: Sector B, Row M Taper: Mancher Time: 101:23 mins (full show) Format: .mov / 14.3 GB Comments: Full recording posted on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) All of these videos from YouTube were removed.
  10. Linkin Park is currently working on their seventh album, which vocalist Mike Shinoda expects will emerge in the second half of 2016. "I've been on a tear in the studio right now with the band," he tells Rolling Stone. "We've been making so much new material. … A lot of this stuff is, we're just kind of experimenting a lot with all the different directions the band can go." Shinoda is mum on what sounds are informing the follow-up to their 2014 alterna-metal blazer The Hunting Party, saying it's too early to tell. "We're just … really heavily focusing on the melodies. Some of the music is coming together here and there but it's really, right now, more about the words and melodies. So I don't actually know what the sound of the record is going to be like yet." Shinoda recently re-emerged with a rebooted version of his hip-hop side hustle Fort Minor, remixing "Get a Dog" by tangled wordsmiths Homeboy Sandman and Aesop Rock. "I don't think the next Linkin Park record is going to sound like this remix. But I think there's a part of me, as just like as a person and also as an artist that I knowwith every record I am hunting for inspiration. I get that through experiences with people around me." Since the release of The Hunting Party, Linkin Park has been laying relatively low. A 17-date tour to support the record was mostly abandoned after vocalist Chester Bennington suffered a leg injury. The band made a guest appearance on the Steve Aoki single "Darker Than Blood" last year. Linkin Park are enjoying their most recent wave of success thanks to a viral video where YouTube user The Unusual Suspect mashed up what he claims is "183 movies" to sing their 2000 hit "In the End" "I can't believe this guy edited all these movies together," says Shinoda. "I can't even imagine. What, did he start in in 2005? How do you have the time to do something like that?! I was really impressed. I love it." source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/new-linkin-park-lp-expected-in-2016-20160120
  11. can someone upload this video on youtube ? ​http://lplive.net/shows/db/2001/20010109 qwerty95 or phoenix220, can anyone of you ?!
  12. I think they tried to do it, but this song did not rehearsed.
  13. Sucre06


    And also: linkinparklive.net or linkinparklive.com ​​
  14. By the way, uploaded it in our LPL VK page. If you want you can listen OSC Live Compilation online via the MP3 Player in our official group on vk.com/lplive. Direct link:http://vk.com/audios-31039963?album_id=64451379
  15. OMG, its uncirculated ?! can you please convert it to mp3 ?
  16. Projekt Revolution 2004. the best one. I think many LP fans will agree with me.
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