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The Catalyst Video Premiere

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I can't believe they used the short version for the clip... Meh, that's just not right. It requires the full think to make it raise inside you.

Another bad thing about it was (as stated above) their mouth sync with the song, Mike looked a bit awkward.


Anyway, the clip is about a ongoing cataclysm, not catalyst... Which I thought was the song's title when I first read it. LoL.

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IMO, it's kinda obvious there's much Mike in the video since it's basically his album, so I wouldn't say it's a bad thing..., on the other hand the video might have included scenes in which all members of the band are playin' but it's not their first video that doesn't feature all the members... Anyway, it's an OK clip...

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It's an okay video, but not my favorite - it's kind of boring and monotone at some time. And radio edit is a major disappointment too, but if there was one more minute of the same monotonous thing - no, thanks. Maybe I'll like it more after I watch it a few more times, but they've done several better videos imo.


EDIT: Okay, I like it more after watching it again, but it definitely didn't have the same effect on me as I watched WID for the first time.

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Mike sitting in the car reminded 2 things. Riders of the Lord of the Rings and Jedi from Star Wars. Clip super did their best. But neither the WID not replace. A lot of effects. It seemed that you're in the game Stalker or Half-Life. +5

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