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  1. I expected to have When They Come For Me..... Gonna get it anyway...on apptrackr.com
  2. Why are you pretending that you can't hear they play their instruments?The answer would be because your ears aren't working at all.
  3. Is this the MTV video? (I cannot view it on MTV XD)
  4. Do I smell Russia or something? Youtube or ? Can't wait....
  5. I love Marching On.....wow......
  6. ^...ok....how come Synth Pop has screaming? and guitar solo? I really need a real review with evidence
  7. Favorite LP album? Minute to Midnight Favorite LP song? Hands Held High Favorite LP lyrics? Hands Held High Favorite Hybrid Theory song? Papercut Favorite Meteora song? Figure.09 Favorite Minutes to Midnight Song? Hands Held High Favorite Live CD? Road to Revolution Least Favorite LP album? Hybrid Theory Least Favorite LP song? Not Alone Least Favorite LP lyrics? --- Least Favorite Hybrid Theory song? In The End Least Favorite Meteora song? Somewhere I Belong Least Favorite Minutes to Midnight song? In Between
  8. Linkin Park Revenge <== that will be the name of the game
  9. This is a nice surprise. Though I don't like Michael much but he is cool anyway.
  10. That's what HHH did =))..and I really like it.I can really imagine some kick-ass slow motion in the MV
  11. Needless to say, I must keep my expectation really low. Listen to random kind of music to make my taste easier.
  12. I wish Adam was here to confirm this is a remix, radio edit, whatever or the official track..with some cut off
  13. Just besure everyone keep their opinions straight and tough like pin on the wall.
  14. Besure not to change your opinion when it comes.
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