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  1. I appreciate, but at this moment, to leave my country I would need to sell part of my stuff first anyway haha.
  2. Yes I'm working in a complete list as I write this message. I think I can update the post with a link later today. Thanks for your support.
  3. I live in Uruguay, South America. I don't know about that, if I have to sell my stuff to get through this, I will have to. Need to survive after all.
  4. Hello everyone, I think this could be a long read, I'm sorry beforehand. This is very hard for me guys, so please don't think I'm milking my collecting to get money. This is serious, please read before judging me. I hope some of the hardcore members of the LP Live remember me. I used to be very active during my good days, I think my last post or comment here was when Chester passed away. Well the thing is, that possibly since Chester's passing my life had been pretty bad to be honest. Just to put you all into context, a few months later of Chester's passin
  5. It's like you are trying to find a correct explanation right? Like, you would never expect that from Chester. Not now at least. He was so happy, healthy, confident, I don't know. It's like all lose a complete sense. I don't understand. I'm totally devastated. I can't imagine the sadness in all LP family, and his family in particular with such small children.
  6. I've read that the first Single is out in January, which means that the Album will be out in March. It's really good that they are releasing the album a couple of months before the start of their tour. I hope they play more than 2 new songs in the tour setlist. In the other hand, they sold out Estadio Nacional in Peru in just 1 week which is insane and shows how much South America need them here. I hope they play new songs for those awesome fans.
  7. I feel everyday less fan of Linkin Park. Since A Thousand Suns era ended, they changed a lot, like they put a new chip inside their own heads (Mostly Mike and Chester as the main faces in the band). They started to sell us as fans: Laptops, Clocks, Cars, Motorbikes, Software, Clothes, PCs, etc. With that, probably the 50% of the interviews after ATS were about their collaboration with companies and how they worked to create art for i don't know a car, or how they built the software to make new music, or how they improved something for a PC, etc etc. More about brands and merchandise and less
  8. Don't know what to expect about the next album. But i hope they really consider something that they can actually play live. Because the last 2 albums have great songs to play live (I'll Be Gone) but seems like they are not able to do it (All For Nothing). And agree with Mark about the sound of the next album. I guess is time for them going a couple of steps back and do what they really like to do, something more pop friendly, a mix between ATS and MTM would be good. But they really need to work on lyrics, last two albums (more THP than LT) are very poor in terms of lyrics compared with MTM
  9. Amen Mark, second every word you said. Would like to add that the fans voted setlist is another bullshit, they know and we know that they know that fans will select weird shit and probably a 180º turn in terms of setlist. So coming from the most lazy band in the world, is very hard to believe for me that they would be open to that idea in the near future.
  10. Do not expect new songs, they need a month to rehearse a new song, and they just had a week before the STP shows and another week after flying to Brazil. Hope they play new songs, but first i really hope they change the Setlist because is awful now. Was amazing during the European Tour, but after 30 shows its just horrible.
  11. Seems pretty much confirmed that Malakian will play Rebellion tonight. A friend not related with LP or SOAD came from nowhere and told me "Malakian will play with Linkin Park tonight". A SOAD friend told me the same thing and with the Astat comment i think is pretty much confirmed.
  12. Linkin Park is one of the most lazy bands in terms of live shows i ever seen. They are fine playing the same setlist for 5 months without any problem. Even contradict themselves in terms of "Playing Singles for Festivals" because are the most popular songs and "Playing some other stuff" for headliner tours... False. They are just playing almost the same shitty setlist since May! I just can't accept this anymore, im fuckin tired of this. They had a month between the Promo Tour in Europe and the Carnivores Tour and they just added 2 songs? Where is the innovation, the visceral, the loud,
  13. Mike shared his microphone with a fan during Faint to sing his rap part. Not sure which verse, i will try to confirm it with my friend.
  14. I'm doing the post of this show for my site, and i found GATS... Holy mother of synchronization... The intro is great but GATS sounds horrible to me after the second guitar enters. Maybe is not the best video/audio to talk about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvKAW8X9f7s
  15. I don't know why i like the setlist, but i don't like the way they are playing the setlist. 27 songs for a Linkin Park setlist is amazing but 7 or maybe more songs are partially played, without the second verse? One of the most important bands in the world after 14 years still playing really short setlist compared with other bands...
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