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Found 2 results

  1. So, as of recently, the second version of "Rhinestone" with Mark Wakefield on vocals finally got uploaded on YouTube, Mark Wakefield sounds amazing here:
  2. Hello everyone, I think this could be a long read, I'm sorry beforehand. This is very hard for me guys, so please don't think I'm milking my collecting to get money. This is serious, please read before judging me. I hope some of the hardcore members of the LP Live remember me. I used to be very active during my good days, I think my last post or comment here was when Chester passed away. Well the thing is, that possibly since Chester's passing my life had been pretty bad to be honest. Just to put you all into context, a few months later of Chester's passing lost my job, which is pretty common I know but that didn't end as expected, had to wait some months to search for a new job because I was under some kind of insurance, anyway, after that my mom got pretty sick, she had a brain surgery which went pretty good but she was almost 2 months under intensive care in the hospital plus 2 more months to be sent home, and after that myself taking care of here all alone. She ended up with sequels in the right side of her body, obviously she couldn't walk and had serious issues to express words. After some months of care in home, she passed away. Was very sudden and unexpected as she was very well, starting to talk again and we were working hard to start walking. She actually she walked a few steps minutes before dying. And here I am, 20 months unemployed, with a rent to pay and almost without any good incomes as working as freelancer is not giving me enough money and I can't find a freaking job as my country is not doing very good right now and there are so many foreigns that companies prefer to sign them than us, but I don't want to talk about that, it's not foreign people's fault though. Anyway, I had decided to sell all my Linkin Park collection. This is heart breaking because I bet most of you know how much I love LP, some of my friends know that is almost impossible for me listening their music now because I break when I hear Chester's voice and for me selling my collection is terrible but I have to do it or end living in the streets in a few months and I'm not lying. I know selling all my collection will help me to pay rent for a few more months until a job appears to start all over again. I hope you guys understand my situation. I would like to get some help because I don't want to sell my stuff on eBay first because they have fees and secondly because I don't want my stuff reach re-sellers' hands I would like to sell my stuff to other Linkin Park fans that I know they will take care of everything. Also would like to know if someone is kind enough to help me to price the stuff at least a general idea as I don't want to look like I'm selling everything overpriced. Of course I know some of the prices of the things I got, but some stuff I'm not very sure, I would like some updated costs to don't overprice the stuff and if some of you are interested to get the items I would like to talk about it because here is the best place to find the best LP fans. Regarding the items list. It's pretty big, I know some of you have bigger collections but mine I think is around 300 items or probably more if I count guitar picks, t-shirts, I don't know, everything. I think that's all. I apologize if this post is against the rules, I hope is not. Greetings to all and thanks for reading.
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