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  1. Sorry...but OML is a full blown pop record. Theres nothing rock or alternative about it. Its as radio friendly and generic as it gets. Its the record they chose to make. I personally hate it, but there are millions of people who like it, and I get that. But to claim its not a pop record is just crazy.
  2. Cool video...amazing song. Easily one of my three favorites off the album.
  3. Why would anyone pay for this?
  4. Oh please. Are you for real? I didn't dismiss anyone's opinion. I said I didn't agree and that I didn't think most people were being realistic about the bands future. That has been my view from the beginning of all of this. Astat has a problem with me...I don't really care, but I think it's BS that he gets to just say whatever he wants to people. He thinks his opinions are more important because he knows more about music than most. But no one ever says a thing to him. It's ridiculous.
  5. Is there ever a time when you're not being a giant douche bag? Seriously, why am I not allowed to have an opinion? I'm well aware that you think you're some type of musical know it all...good for you. I don't think the band can put on a proper show without Chester....is that so wrong? Mik can't handle all of the vocals, and Jon Green, while very good on the OML songs, can't handle the aggressive songs either. I'm not interested in an LP show full of OML songs...not my thing. Stop being such an asshole for five minutes, and try to understand that not everyone has the same opinion as you. No one else on here acts the way you do when they disagree with others. It's embarrassing. Grow up.
  6. I really disagree with this. The crowds always goes the craziest for the HT and Meteora songs. Most people don't like ATS at all. I agree on THP, though I liked most of it, casual fans aren't gonna want to hear it. Look, I hope they find a way to continue in some fashion, but I think it will be very difficult for a variety of reasons. I'm not sure the guys will even want to try and continue as LP. Only time will tell.
  7. Yeah, they do need to play some of those songs. Let's be honest, most of the people at these big arena shows are casual fans, not die hards. They want to hear HT and Meteora, not OML. Read every word of it. You guys want the band to continue so badly that you refuse to realize that none of this is gonna work. They will never be the same, and probably aren't gonna ever do a full fledged tour again as LP. You can't replace Chester, and Mike really is t a great singer. It is what it is. LP is basically done. I hate it just as much as the rest of you, but it's over.
  8. I couldn't disagree with this more. He's fine on the OML songs, and I'm sure he could handle most of the softer stuff, but that's about it. He's not the guy for the aggressive, screaming songs. I honestly don't think LP will ever tour like they did in the past. It just doesn't work.
  9. I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't think they can go on with Mike as the lead singer. The other night was amazing, and I think he did a great job, especially under those circumstances. Mikes singing has improved over the years, but he can't carry a lot of the old songs, he just doesn't have the pipes.
  10. If anyone knows where I could find the leaked set list could they at least point me in the right direction. I'd like to see it.
  11. Hey man, didn't mean to get you all worked up. Sorry if I offended you. The show is gonna be amazing. Hopefully there will be a stream.
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