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  1. I just noticed I typed Welcome instead of Waiting For Tomorrow by accident. Fixed now.
  2. It would be great if they released a re-recording or remaster and then release it with a single from the album as a bonus track. They've done similar stuff in the past. They could even bypass that and just re-record it and make it apart of a new album. He can sing it live now and the lyrics are kind of fitting now. No Roads Left but to get Linkin Park fired up again. IDK, just my 2 cents.
  3. I made a new profile last year because I forgot my old login stuff. First time logging in awhile. It's nice to come back and see this site being really healthy and alive. Hope to see LP return next year! 

  4. Now that My Chemical Romance and Rage Against the Machine are back, I was inspired to make a couple of sets for hopefully LP's return next year. This is totally stuff all in my head so it might not make sense and its in a made up world of Matt joining the band and both he and Phoenix help with vocals. This is a set if they did a co-headline with RATM. I think that would be a perfect tour with someone like Grandson opening. Would love to hear your thoughts. 01. No Roads Left (ext. intro w/confetti) 02. NEW SONG 03. Papercut 04. Rebellion (ext. bridge with another song over it) 05. Castle of Glass (new jam version with maybe something over the outro) 06. Battle Symphony 07. Leave Out All the Rest (2017 version w/ Phoenix singing at the beginning where Mike used too) 08. Sorry For Now (ext. bridge / mike talks about members the way he did on his solo tour) 09. The Catalyst (Matt and Phoenix help with Chester's parts) 10. Ballad Medley (Heavy/WID/Numb) (this incorporates the big songs mike would struggle with. Also can be rotated) 11. In the End (first tour back so continues speeches about Chester / first half is piano version, 2nd with full band coming in) 12. Joe Solo (transition into) 13. Roads Untraveled (lights down, phone lights and lighters up) 14. Jam Medley (HT/Meteora songs/ can rotate) 15. NEW SONG (lead single from new album) 16. Faint (Mike goes to barricade with crowd. Raps and sings most of it while crowd does screaming parts. Matt plays his guitar parts/ext. outro with huge production) HEADLINE SET between shows on the proposed tour above. Copy show notes for the same songs here. (I'd like to add Looking For Answer to this one somewhere. Where would you put it?) 01. No Roads Left 02. NEW SONG 03. Papercut 04. Rebellion 05. Castle of Glass 06. Battle Symphony 07. Leave Out All the Rest 08. Sorry For Now 09. Waiting For The End (Still mostly the same song except tuned down for Mike to handle. Other guys help with harmonies etc.) 10. The Catalyst 11. Ballad Medley (Heavy/WID/Numb) 12. In The End 13. Talking To Myself (dual vocals with Mike and Matt going back and forth, idk something like that) 14. NEW SONG 15. Joe Solo 16. Roads Untraveled 17. Jam Medley (HT/Meteora songs) 18. Waiting For Tomorrow ("Linkin Park version") ENCORE 19. The Messenger (possibly Matt comes out by himself with a guitar and dedicates the song to Chester's kids and the fans and thanks fans for allowing him to be a part of all this etc.) 20. NEW SONG (lead single) 21. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out 22. Faint These are full realistic sets that would work and flow well. Have HUGE production for songs like CoG, LOATR, Catalyst, and the Joe Solo, etc. This is with only part of the stuff they can do from their current body of work and just a few new songs from an upcoming album. Once the full album is out and they have worked out all the kinks, they can easily rotate set lists again. Plus, after they establish they can do this without guests, for future tours, they can have guests come out for songs like OSC, APFMH, etc so those songs stay alive and well and be a special treat. Sorry for the long post, I'm just ready to see my favorite band again. No rush though, they should take as much time as they need.
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